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    City Park Dam

    Tarrant County Archives has more than 600 Named Collections listed below. Please note that collections are often named for their donor, or by the donor in honor of another, so that a wide array of items may be within a single collection. For example, Montgomery Ward catalogs are housed in the Charles G. Welch collection. For help in locating particular items of interest, or if you would like to donate or start a collection, please contact the Tarrant County Archivist

    The image above is a 1905 post card of Fort Worth's City Park between today's 7th Street and Lancaster Avenue bridges. The park dam was a favorite spot for fishing and picnics until its removal in the 1930s when the river channel was straightened and the Lancaster Bridge was built over the site. Source of information: Historic Photos of Fort Worth by Quentin McGown (2007), page 75.

    Tarrant County Archives maintain a large quantity of documents. As such, not all of the descriptions are represented on our webpages yet, and the Named Collections pages remain a work in progress. The Archives will continue to add new descriptions, so please check our website for updates.

    Contact the Tarrant County Archivist for information about requesting documents.

    To access descriptions of individual named collections, click on the alphabet menu below:

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    Master List of All Named Collections in Tarrant County Archives:


    Adams, Robert G.

    Aguilar, Luis

    Akins, Sam V.

    Alberts, Tyler

    Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

    Alexander, Melanie

    Allen, Dee

    Allen, Ellen

    Allen, Frances

    Amon Carter Museum

    Andersen, Dick (County Commissioner)

    Anderson, Roger

    Archer, James

    Arlington Historical Society

    Arnold, Ann

    Arnold, Mary Kathryn Hoaldridge


    Ashabranner, George N.

    Ashley, James P.

    Augustine family, Ruth

    Autrey, Jackie L.

    Backus Family /  Linda Sanders Collection

    Bailey, Jerry D.

    Baker, Jonathan Hamilton

    Baker, Barbara

    Ballard, Joseph J.

    Baltzer, Craig & Mary Ann

    Bardin, William J.

    Barentine, III, J. P.

    Barker, Dee

    Barker, Scott

    Barnett, Barbara

    Barnett, Charles P.

    Barton, Effie

    Batts Family / April Herrington

    Beck, Kathy Hamer

    Bedford Historical Foundation

    Bedford, City of

    Beier, Beverly S.

    Benbrook, City of

    Benge, William D.  (Bill)

    Berry, Margaret Smith

    Bilheimer, Peter G.

    Birdville Association of Retired School Personnel

    Birdville Baptist Church

    Birdville Historical Society

    Birdville Independent School District

    Bland, Vicky Trimble

    Blevins, Gary

    Bonneau, Cirrus

    Boston, Don W.

    Boswell, Edith and V.W.

    Boswell, Lorin, Jr.

    Boswell, Margie B.

    Boykin, Clota Terrell (Mrs. Stanley)

    Branch, David

    Brants, Cynthia

    Brashear III, James Preston

    Brazos Productions

    Broderick, Bess Smith

    Britton Cemetery

    Brooks, Elston

    Brown, Mildred

    Brown, Tom

    Bruce, Mae McRae

    Bruckner, Jane Austin

    Brumley, Mr. and Mrs. Jon S.

    Bryan, John L. Jr.

    Bryant, Vickie

    Budanauro , Larry

    Bullock, Bob (Comptroller of Public Accounts)

    Burch, Devore O.

    Burel, Lynn

    Burge, Stewart

    Burgon, Mary F.

    Burns, Carolyn and Marcell, Betty

    Burns, Sam Jerry

    Butler, Wayne

    Byrne, Michael

    Calhoun, Sarah

    Campbell, Paul

    Cannon, Weldon G.

    Cantrell, Riley

    Capper, Joyce Pate

    Carlin, Electra M.

    Carrol, Burl

    Carlson, Erik

    Carroll, Burl

    Cartright, Frances Sells

    Cashion, Ty

    Cashman, Mark

    Cathey, Allan

    Chadwick, Ahdel

    Charlton, Pete

    Christopher, Gary

    Cirincione, Dominick J.

    Clark, Floyd

    Clark, Josh and Jennifer

    Cloyd, Vivian B.

    Coburn, Pam

    Cockerell, Tom F.

    Cogburn, Frances

    Cogdell, Thomas J.

    Coker, Barbara

    Cole, Judy (City of Ft. Worth Planning Dept.)

    Colleyville Historical Preservation Committee

    Colleyville Sesquicentennial Book Committee

    Colleyville Woman's Club

    Colonial Country Club

    Colwell, Frances

    Connery, Sam

    Cooper, Billie

    Copeland, Raymond H.

    Cox, Cynthia Ann McPeak

    Coy, Kerry

    Crabb, Mary

    Cranz, Edmund P. "Pen"

    Creative Arts Theatre & School (CATS) Arlington

    Cripliver, C. Roger

    Crosby County Historical memorial

    Crowley, Keller

    Culwell, Wes

    Cushman, Evelyn

    Dallas Public Library

    Dalton, Robert

    Dalworthington Gardens, City of

    Dalworthington Gardens Historical Committee

    Daniel, Shirley and Louis

    DAR, Six Flags Chapter

    Darden, Mr. and Mrs. John

    Darter, Michael I.

    Davis, Bill

    Davis, Kenneth

    Davis, Link

    Davis, Mitzi

    Davis, William

    Day, Glenn

    Deen, Edith A.

    Denny, Samuel Alexander  / Jennings Family

    Diamnod, Ann

    District Attorney Joe Shannon

    District Attorney Sharen Wilson

    Dixson, Walter Clay

    Dodd, Lisa

    Dolph, Jan

    Douglas, C.M. (Mike)

    Drewry, Betty

    Dulle, Caroline

    Dulle, Felix

    Dulle, Joe K.

    Dunkelberg, Jane and Stephen

    Dunkin, Mrs. R. E.

    Dunlap, Johnny

    Dunlop, J. W. and Mary Gregory

    Dunn, Dolores

    Dunning, Joyce B.

    Durbin Katherine Backus

    Eller, Ray

    Elliott Family / Sandra Perry

    Erickson, Robert Dale

    Evans, Bernice

    Evans, Celestine (Mrs. Floyd)

    Evans, Jim

    Evans, Ronald W.

    Evetts, Joye

    Falls, Roy

    Family Services, Inc.

    Fancher family

    Farmer, Ann Ware

    Farrington, Evan S.

    Ferchill, Pat

    Fergus, Dan

    Ferrier, Donald and Linda

    Fielder, Michael

    First Baptist Church of Smithfield

    First Christian Church of Arlington

    First National Bank of Fort Worth

    First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Worth

    Fisler, Jeffrey

    Fitzgerald, Jim

    Flanagan, Bonnie

    Forsythe, Joe

    Fort Worth Aviation Museum

    Fort Worth Boat Club McGown Family

    Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Fort Worth Genealogical Society

    Fort Worth National Bank

    Fort Worth Opera

    Fort Worth Petroleum Club Historical Committee

    Fort Worth Transportation Authority

    Fortenberry, Kristy

    Foster, Kevin

    Fountain, Elaine

    Franklin County Historical Commission

    Fuller, Betty

    Fuqua, David

    Gabbert, Kirk

    Gage, Duane

    Gantt, Ben

    Gardner, Viola

    Garrett, Julia Kathryn

    Gearheart, Joseph

    Gibbons, Julia

    Gibson, Beryl

    Gieb, Robert J.

    Gilbert, Dolores Orgain

    Gilbreath, Cecila

    Glascow, John Edwin

    Goddard, Scot

    Goodrich, Margaret Chenault

    Gordon, Carol

    Gordon, Anna Melissa Hogsett (Mrs. W. K. Jr.)

    Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Grapevine Historical Society

    Graves, Sallie Harper (Mrs. D. R.)

    Greater Fort Worth Board of Realtors

    Green, Eleanor Frances

    Greenwall, Phillip

    Gregory, Kathleen

    Guess, Gary

    Guidroz, Emile

    Gumm, Charles

    Guttery, Ben

    Guy, Terrye (Mrs. Cal)

    Halbower, Kathryn Johns

    Hall, Jean Ann Selman

    Haltom, Robert C.

    Hancock, Orville

    Hargrove, Janet

    Harkness, Sharon

    Harman, B. Douglas

    Harriss, Mrs. Bert

    Hartman, Gerald, Jr.

    Harwell, Elton

    Havard, Gary L.

    Havins, Thomas Robert

    Havran, Ed F.

    Henderson, Billie

    Hendrix, Ria

    Herring, Mary Lou

    Herring, Trey

    Herzog, Lowell

    Hester, David

    Hill, Harry Max

    Hill, PhD., John

    Hillborn, Patricia

    Historic Fort Worth, Inc.

    Historic Preservation Council of Tarrant County

    Historical Publishing Network

    Hobbs, Kenneth W.

    Hoffman, Dalton

    Hogue, Bill & Frances

    Holland, Jr. Barney B.

    Holmes, Billie

    Holmes, Mrs. Jack T.

    Hoover, Rev. William (St. Patrick Cathedral)

    Hornbeak, Bess

    Hoskins, Carla

    Howard, Patsy

    Howell, O. M.

    Howington, Tad

    Hudson Cemetery Association

    Hudson, Weldon

    Hudson II, William A.

    Huffaker, Roger D.

    Hunt, Vance

    Hutchison, Virgile P. (Mrs. Chalmers)

    Hutchison, Wallace

    Iglesias, Mercedes John

    Irby, Harriet

    Jackson, Mary

    Jackson, Pam

    Jackson, Patricia Chadwell

    James, Margaret McLean

    James, Trish

    Jary, Roland

    Jary, William R.

    Jennings, Burton K.

    Jennings, Harold R.

    Jewett, Inez Davis

    Jezek, Jon P.

    Johnson, Harold V.

    Johnson, J. Mitchell

    Jones, Andrew S.

    Jones, Dora Davenport

    Jones, Jan Lynn

    Jones, Richard Davenport

    Kaiser, David

    Kalbach, Bruce

    Keller State Bank

    Kent, Mr. & Mrs. George F.

    KERA (North Texas Public Broadcasting Inc.)

    Key, Mrs. James S.

    King, Garren

    King, Steve M.

    Kisor, Beth

    Kline, Susan Allen

    Knudson, Kent

    Koelle, Emmit

    Koeppe, Paul

    Kruit, Janine

    Lake, Mary Daggett

    Lambert, Maurice

    Landers, Harold

    Lanier, David

    Layne, Susan

    Lea, E. Brett

    Leary, William L. (Bill)

    LeBlanc, Debbie

    Leggett, Rufus Lester

    Leonard, Marty

    Lewis, Alice Marie Shannon

    Lieber, Dave

    Ligon, Lynn

    LINC North Texas

    Lipscomb Collection

    Livingston, Howard

    Llewellen, J. Carter

    Lobdill, Jerry J.

    Lochridge, Oscar

    Lock, Howard M.

    Log Cabin Village

    Logan, Barbara

    Lowrance, Hazel M.

    Lowrance, Russell

    Ludwig, Wayne

    Ludwig, William F.

    Lynn, David

    Lyon, Anne

    Maenius, G.K.

    Magnus, Werner

    Mandel, Mike

    Manning, Jean

    Manning, Mary Ann

    Mansfield Historical Society

    Mansfield, City of, Planning Department

    Markgraf, Helen McKelvey

    Marshall, Doyle

    Martin, Cy

    Martin, Marvin

    Martin, Mrs. M. L.

    Martindale, Peggy

    Masters, Frank

    Matney, Charles and Jean

    Matney, Donna and David

    Matson, Morris

    Mathews, Carrol & Virginia

    Mauldin, Judy

    Maxwell, Craig

    McClure, Leslie Ligon

    McConnell, Megan Davis

    McCray, Jane (Mrs. Bill N.)

    McCreight, James

    McDermott, Michael S.

    McDonald, Kate

    McDuff, Eula

    McEvers, Mary

    McGown, Grey

    McGown, Laura

    McGown, Quentin

    McGregor, Mrs. James

    McKenzie, Linda

    McLain, Madeline Williams

    McLane, Barbara

    McLane, C. Rogers

    McLean, Margaret

    McMillen, Jim (Ft. Worth Genealogical Society)

    McPeak, Harold

    McPeak, Howard

    Mead, John A.

    Meeker, Alan

    Meeks, Bo

    Merrill, J. M.

    Mesa, Jr., Frank

    Mocio, Mary

    Mid-Cities Genealogical Society

    Milian, Amanda

    Miller, Jan Evans

    Mills, Judge Billy (CCC 3)

    Minter's Chapel Cemetery Association

    Minton, Mr & Mrs Jerry D.

    Misek, Kathy

    Mitchell, Leon

    Moir, Randall

    Molenburg, Judy Reid

    Moncrief, Michael J.

    Monnig, Oscar

    Montes, Emanuel F.

    Moore, J. A.

    Moore, James Bidault

    Moran, Abby

    Morgan, Ben and Deanna (Guillory)

    Morrow, William & Company, Inc/Publishers

    Mulholland Jr., Joe

    Muth-Smith, Melody

    Myrick, James

    Nelms, Beverly

    Newman, Henry  (FAA from City of FW)

    Nichols, E. Vance

    Nichols, James Richard

    Nichols, Jeremy Dwight

    Nichols, Mr & Mrs Thomas D.

    Nickles, Mrs. Jack R.

    Niederauer, Tom

    Noah, Jim

    North Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Inc.

    North Fort Worth Historical Society

    North Richland Hills Historical Committee

    North Richland Hills Public Library

    North Richland Hills Sesquicentennial Committee

    Oberle, Otto

    O'Donnell, Pearl Foster

    Oliver, Margaret Abbott

    Olsen, Rush

    Oral Histories of Fort Worth, Inc.

    Owen, May

    Paired Rail Railroad Publishing

    Parchman, Gladys

    Parker, Vera Benton

    Pate, J'Nell

    Patoski, Christina

    Patoski, Dr. Margaret

    Patterson, Michael

    Paulsen, Joan Peterson

    Pearson, Dave

    Pearson, Russell  H. 

    Pegues, Godfrey

    Perkins, Dr. Clay

    Peters, Ted C. & Betty Scott

    Pinkston, Lolly

    Pioneer Rest Cemetery Association

    Pirtle, Jo

    Pitts, Jim

    Polignac - Gen. de Polignac Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans

    Pomykal, Helen Jennings

    Pope, Hardwicke, Christie, Harrell, Schell, & Kelly, LLP

    Porter, Betty

    Potter, William A.

    Pound, Linda C.

    Powell, Caroline

    Powell, Marie

    Pritchett, Douglas

    Pritchett, Susan M.

    Pugh, John

    Pyeatt, G. D.

    Quinn, Peggy

    Ramos, Simone C. De Santiago

    Ray, Thelma

    Redding, Vera

    Reeves, Mrs. R.O.

    Reichenstein, Jack

    Reiners, Marcus T.

    Remley, Audrey

    Rencurrel, Dorothy

    Reves, Nora

    Reynolds, Larry

    Rhoden, Grace

    Rhodes Estate, Ann L.

    Rhodes, Nikki Grote

    Rhodes, Royce

    Rice, Melvy Blue

    Richards, David L.

    Rimbey, Rosemary

    River Oaks Area Historical Society

    Roark, Carol

    Roberts, Chris

    Roberts, Lesbia Word

    Roberts, Tera

    Robertson, Kathy

    Robles, Rodrigo (Deputy Sheriff)

    Roe, Dana

    Rohne, Wayne A.

    Rosen Heights Land Company

    Ruddell, Clara

    Rush, jr., Dr. Charles A.

    Russell, Roy D.

    Saal, Mandy

    Sache, E. J.

    Saginaw Cemetery Association

    Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Fort Worth

    Saltsgiver, Janet

    Sandlin, Barry

    Saxon, Gerald

    Schadt, Gregory C.

    Schlansker, Jane

    Schmidt, Ruby

    Schuab, Phillip Elliot

    Schulz, Albert R.

    Scott, Frances Merrill

    Scott, Karolyn McPeak


    Searcy, Mildred C. "Midgie" Smith

    Secrest, Jerry

    Selcer, Richard F.

    Sesquicentennial Committee, Richland Hills

    Sety, Dolores D.(Darcy)

    Shannon, Trey

    Sharon E. Gammon (Arnold-Humphries)

    Shaw, Jr., Glen Robert

    Sheldon, Drusilla Cochran

    Shemwell, Ruby Thompson  

    Shepherd, Maris

    Sherwood, Linda

    Shiflet, John

    Simmons Atha Loraine

    Simmons, Thomas Wall

    Skoog, Paula

    Slade, Ken

    Smith, Bennett

    Smith, Christie L.

    Smith, Harry E. and Jane K.

    Smith, John Hugh

    Smith, Karen Duay

    Smith, Lawanda and Jim

    Smith, Melvina Grunewald

    Smith, Sister Louise

    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Sparks, Joyce Hudnall

    Spoonts Jr., Leslie

    Spratling, Mildred

    Stallings, Rudy E.

    Stamps, Charles

    Standifer, Lela

    Stateham, Raymond M.

    Steffen, Fred R.

    Stephens, Uel Jr. and Theda

    Stewart Title Company

    Stone, B. J.

    Stone, Ruth Reiter

    Strain, Joe

    Strait, John B.

    Strathdee, Donald & Virginia

    Stroder, Ben F.

    Stults, Mary Standard (Mrs. Roy Stults)


    T.C.U. Press

    T.C.U. Special Collections, Mary Couts Burnett Library

    Tarrant County

    Tarrant County Archaeological Society

    Tarrant County Bar Association

    Tarrant County Black Historical & Genealogical Society

    Tarrant County College, Northwest, Cornerstone Honors

    Tarrant County Convention Center

    Tarrant County Credit Union

    Tarrant County Historic Records

    Tarrant County Historical Commission

    Tarrant County Historical Society

    Tarrant County Jr. College, NE

    Tarrant County Tax Assessor & Collector

    Tarrant County, Administrator

    Tarrant County, Agri Life Extension

    Tarrant County, Auditor

    Tarrant County, Commissioners Court

    Tarrant County, County Clerk

    Tarrant County, Court of Appeals, 2nd District of Texas

    Tarrant County, Criminal District Attorney

    Tarrant County, Department Unknown

    Tarrant County, District Clerk

    Tarrant County, Elections Office

    Tarrant County, Facilities Management

    Tarrant County, Graphics Dept.

    Tarrant County, Human Resources

    Tarrant County, Records Manager

    Tarrant County, Sheriff's Department

    Tarrant County, Transportation Department

    Teague, Wyatt

    Telephone Pioneers of America, FW Life Members Club

    Texas Archives Commission (TAC)

    Texas Christian University Press

    Texas Christian University, Mary Couts Burnett Library

    Texas Department of Transportation

    Texas Garden Clubs

    Texas Health Huguley Hospital

    Texas Historical Commission

    Texas Lakes Trail Region (Jill Campbell Jordan)

    Thatch, Harry T.

    Thomas, Willard

    Thompson, Camilla B.

    Thompson, J. Andy

    Thornton, Bill D.

    Tillar Portrait Group: J.P. Barentine III, Susan Murrin Pritchett, and Pamela Smith Smith

    Timberlake, Terry

    Tinsley, Vic

    Tipps, Don

    Trinity Episcopal Church

    Truly, Pat and Ruthanna

    Tucker, Lt. Raymond Mitchell

    Turk, T. R.

    Turner, William A.

    Tuttle, Deanna

    U.S Life Title Company (by Rick Griffin)

    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Fort Worth District

    United Daughters of the Confederacy

    University Christian Church

    Valderas, Harold L.

    Village Creek / Jeff Hanson / Elaine Fountain

    Vogel, Evelyn Smith Hill

    Volz, Ellen Timberlake

    Waite, Roger P.

    Walker, Ralph

    Wall, Tina

    Walls, Karen Ann

    Walsh Companies

    Ward, Sharon

    Watson, Judith Elaine Reynolds

    Weatherford Library

    Webb Historical Society

    Webb, Jack

    Weddell, Theresa

    Wednesday Womans Club

    Weiner, Hollace Ava

    Weinman, Arthur

    Weisburg, Joseph

    Welch, Charles G.

    Wells Fargo

    Westbrook Hotel

    Whalen, Dora

    White, Gerald

    White Settlement Historical Society

    Wiederhold, Tom

    Wiesman, Jack

    Wiggins, Mrs. Edwin A.

    Wilemon, Ernest J.

    Willhoite, W. D.

    William A. Massad

    William Morrow and Co. Inc.

    Williams, Lee

    Williams, Perry

    Williams, Phillip G.

    Williams, Victoria

    Williamson, Thelma

    Willis, Doyle

    Willis, Lissa

    Willis, Mary Ann Austin

    Wilson, Marvin

    Wilson-Arrick, Cindy

    Winters, Willis C.

    Wittich, Richard & Glenda

    Woodmen of the World

    Woodward, Walter C.

    Woman's Wednesday Club of Fort Worth Collection

    Wreden, Kathy Barker

    Wright, Jim

    Wright, Lallah

    Wright, Ron

    YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

    York, Jane Wiggins Gudgeon

    Young, Charles

    Young, Frances

    Young, Judge Everett  (297th District Court)

    Young, Sharon

    Youngblood, Dawn

    Youngblood, Edwin Johnston

    Younkin, George

    Zadeh, Jamshyd "Jim" M.

    Zirkle, Byron