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    Image Gallery

    Tarrant County Archives maintain a large quantity of photographs. As such, not all of the images are represented on our webpages yet, and the Image Gallery pages remain a work in progress. The Archives will continue to add new images, so please check our website for updates.

    Contact the Tarrant County Archivist for information about requesting images.


    Pictured: The Navy dirigible Los Angeles floats over the newly constructed Montgomery Ward Building on its way from the Panama Canal Zone in September 1928. The vessel was acquired from Germany as war reparations following World War I. The helium plant north of Fort Worth where the Los Angeles fueled served the Navy's great dirigibles, including the Shenandoah, through 1929. This and numerous other photographs of the Montgomery Ward Building under construction and newly opened were donated to the Tarrant County Archives by Howard McPeak, past manager of the Montgomery Ward's Display Department.

    Montgomery Ward


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