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    Welcome to Southeast Tarrant County: Precinct 2



    Latest News

    latest news

    Precinct 2

    Public Safety Town Hall in Arlington

    Wed May 30 13:00:00 CDT 2018 - Join us for an interactive discussion with Tarrant County leaders. We will be discussing "How Behavioral Health Impacts Us, Our Schools, Neighborhoods and Public Safety."

    latest news

    Precinct 2

    Run Holly Run Benefitting AISD Workman JH Athletics

    Mon Sep 25 13:30:00 CDT 2017 - Holly Potter-Harvey and Gara Hill, two enthusiastic and hilarious moms in Arlington, are raising much needed funds for the Workman Junior High Athletic Program. Guess who is joining them as Runner #5!

    latest news

    Precinct 2

    GM, Arlington Celebrate Groundbreaking of Automotive Logistics Center

    Fri Jun 23 17:00:00 CDT 2017 - General Motors and the City of Arlington celebrate the groundbreaking of the future Arlington Automotive Logistics Center on the site of the former Six Flags Mall on Division Street and State Highway 360.

    A Message from Your Commissioner

    Commissioner Andy Nguyen

    I'm honored and humbled to serve as your County Commissioner, representing Precinct 2, Tarrant County, as we continue to build and grow our economy.

    The communities of Southeast Tarrant County are poised and ready for opportunity and success, built upon a rich history of hard work and determination. Yet as we look toward that bright future, we can be sure there are challenges yet to come. I believe the bigger the challenge, the more rewarding its opportunity and through collaboration we are all stronger and better equipped to face whatever may come our way.

    In this spirit of collaboration, I've sought valuable input from hundreds of residents and community leaders from all walks of life. Through these conversations, I've been blessed with a great deal of information which has shaped the strategic direction for Southeast Tarrant County Precinct 2. It is a strategy that addresses our collective concerns.

    In the coming years, my team and I will work hard to make our vision and goals come true. I hope that you will partner with us in making Precinct 2 and Tarrant County a success story for the 21st century.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your County Commissioner. Please call my office with any question you have regarding services provided by Tarrant County, or if you have needs and are unsure of who to call. You are important, and we will work together for a better future for us all!

    Andy Nguyen

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    Administration 817-548-3900
    SE Maintenance Ctr 817-483-6920
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    Commissioner Nguyen joins the fun at Back to School event July 2014
    SixFlags Shockwave Night View
    Commissioner Nguyen assists attendee
    Kennedale 9-11 Memorial ground level