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    You Earn, They Learn. Stop Truancy

    The "You Earn, They Learn. Stop Truancy" Program began as part of Arlington Police Department’s "Truancy Reduction/Focus Toward Attendance Program," which provides numerous methods and alternatives in addressing truancy. Safe City Commission Crime Stoppers will be available to take anonymous tips through the hotline, website, text message, live web chat and mobile app systems then disseminate the tips for verification. Crime Stoppers will pay students and citizens a reward for identifying students who are truant from school during school hours. In order for the student or citizen to receive a reward, the students must meet the criteria for being truant as set by state law. An officer must make contact with the student who has been reported to be off-campus and verify the validity of the tip.

    What are the criteria for "truancy"?

    A student is considered truant if he/she:
    1) fails to attend on three or more days or parts of days within a four-week period or
    2) fails to attend school on 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year.

    What is the goal of the program?

    The goal is to give students, citizens, businesses and other stakeholders in the community another outlet in combating truancy.

    The program aims to:
    • Improve school attendance, reducing the failure-to-attend rate in AISD and MISD.
    • Promote awareness of the importance of education and enhance academic success of each student.
    • Assist in formulating a better child and parent relationship.
    • Reduce crime during school hours.
    • Provide access to social services for students in need.
    • Raise awareness of Crime Stoppers; provide anonymity and reward incentives.

    What is the reward for truancy tips?

    The reward for eligible truancy tips is $40 and the reward for eligible skipping tips is $20.