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    Gangs and Guns

    Gun and Gang Busters began as a program facilitated through Safe City Commission Crime Stoppers and the Northern District of Texas Project Safe Neighborhoods. In addition to the traditional Crime Stoppers money rewarded for a particular crime, Safe City Commission Crime Stoppers will add a bonus reward of up to $250 for tip information leading to an arrest(s) in gun and/or gang-related crimes in Tarrant County. The program aims at breaking down a code of silence that often exists among gangs and people who witness gang-related or gun-related crimes.

    What kinds of tips are eligible for the bonus reward?

    Any tip involving the seizure of a gun, a crime in which a gun was used, or crimes that are gang-related or gang-involved are eligible for the bonus reward. Examples include but are not limited to aggravated offenses involving a gun, drug offenses involving a gang member(s), gang graffiti and criminal mischief, and coercing, soliciting, or inducing gang membership. Only tips that are received through the Crime Stoppers hotline, 817-469-TIPS (8477), and this website,, are eligible for the reward.

    How is the bonus reward determined and how is it funded?

    The Crime Stoppers Coordinator from each city and school is responsible for recommending the bonus reward when submitting the disposition on the Crime Stoppers tip. The coordinator may recommend a bonus reward on a scale from $50 - $250 based on the severity of the crime and only after an arrest has been made as a result of the tip. Bonus rewards will be approved, along with the regular Crime Stoppers tips, at the monthly Safe City Commission Crime Stoppers Standing Committee Meetings. The bonus rewards are funded through the Safe City Commission.

    To provide information on a gun and/or gang crime, call 817-469-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip online.