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    Tobacco and Alcohol


    This section is to assist you in notifying us of a problem.

    We will review the information you provide and notify you of the outcome of our investigation.

    Effective September 1, 1997, the fine becomes $0 to $500, in line with the Penal Code Class C Misdemeanor offenses. In addition violators will be required to perform community service, attend alcohol education classes and license suspension is added as a sanction, automatic upon conviction.

    We are working with other agencies to help encourage the community to report problems and problem areas within the community where alcohol is being made available to minors. Should you see a situation where a minor has been able to purchase alcohol from a store or alcohol was purchased for them, we would encourage you to fill out the report form. Please complete as much information as possible to assist us in resolving the issue.

    Should you wish to read the complete text of the Senate Bill, click here.


    Precinct 7 services the below listed areas. If your city is not on this list, please contact the appropriate Constable Precinct or local law enforcement agency. 


    Type of Observation