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    Sharon Young Collection

    Lily B Clayton

    Summary: Collection of photographs of Lily B. Clayton Elementary School.  This school was the first Fort Worth school to be named for a woman. Clayton had been the long-time teacher of Latin of Fort Worth High School (later Central High School), beginning in 1985.

    Margaret Martin Littlejohn, who painted a portrait of Lily B. Clayton, had trained under William Merritt Chase and exhibited frequently at the galleries in the Carnegie Library.


    • 1922 building designed by Wiley G. Clarkson, school called Mistletoe Heights Elementary when it opened; name changed soon after.
    • 1922 building, showing corner, looking toward Park Place.
    • Construction phase of addition in 1936, from the east.
    • Construction phase in 1936, from Park Place view, from southwest.
    • Construction phase in 1936 from east side with trucks.
    • Completed school on October 4, 1935, from corner of Berkley and Park Place.
    • Aerial view of completed campus, but without landscaping.
    • Architectural drawing of 1935-1936 building by Preston M. Green.
    • Photograph of painted portrait of Lily B. Clayton, by M. M. Littlejohn.