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    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kent Collection

    Summary: Donated books, papers, booklets, and files principally the work of Bennett L. Smith.
    • Tarrant County Bar Memorials, 1938-1976, ed. Bennett L. Smith, May 1, 1977
    • Smith on Britain, by Bennett L. Smith, 1957, inscribed inside first page, "To George and Jean Kent with compliments of the author - Bennett Smith,  October 18, 1957"
    • California Trip - 1958, by Bennett L. Smith
    • Of Florida by Bennett L. Smith, 1959
    • Over There in Sixty, Volume One, by Bennett L. Smith
    • Over There in Sixty, Volume Two, by Bennett L. Smith
    • Smith-Hill Argosy 1966, by Bennett L. Smith, cover illustration by Amelia Hill
    • Mediterranean Cruise, 1969 S.S. Rotterdam, October 2 - November 13, 1969, by Bennett L. Smith, February 10, 1979
    • Alaska Cruise  June 19 to July 6, 1970 on S.S. Monterey, by Bennett Smith, October 27, 1970
    • The Spanish Main in 1977, by Bennett L. Smith, March 25, 1977
    • New England Tour 1979, by Bennett L. Smith
    • Off the Beaten Trail, Volume One, by Ed Syers, copyright 1963, printed by F.L. Motheral Company, Fort Worth, Texas
    • A Bank and a Shoal of Time, printed by the First National Bank, Fort Worth, Texas, April 18, 1961
    • Missions of Old Texas, by James Wakefield Burke, printed by A.S. Barnes and Company, South Brunswick and new York, London: Thomas Yoseloff LTD, copyright 1971
    • Fort Worth Eclipse Party, Tuesday, June 29, 1879, S.W. Lomax Farm, Fort Worth, Leonard Waldo of Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    • "Two Constitutions - A Contrast," by Bennett L. Smith, a photocopy of a paper contrasting the Constitutions of the U.S.S.R. and the United States, 1954
    • "The Big Ditch," by Bennett L. Smith, a photocopy of an essay on the political control of the Panama Canal, 1977
    • "The Last Train," by Bennett L. Smith, June 6, 1969, photographs, memorabilia from experience as a passenger on the last passenger train from Fort Worth to Dallas from the T and P depot
    • "Verses and Fantasies at Random," by Lawson Smith, March 1979, printed booklet of verse, copyright 1979 by Lawson Smith
    • "Spelology, Medical," by Lawson Smith, short essay on experience as a patient undergoing medical tests, no date given
    • Use of English, by the media and lawman, newspaper and magazine articles kept, presumably by Bennett L. Smith
    • Apollo 8, NASA, December 1969, newspaper clippings of accounts about flight
    • Miscellaneous
      • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History newsletter on Fire Station
      • "Texas' Lost Utopia" by Mary Ficklen, Texas Parade, May 1971
      • Clipping of 25th Anniversary of Japanese surrender in New York Times , September 2, 1940
      • Newspaper letter to the editor questioning opinion of Gen. SLA Marshall on choice of not advancing to Berlin, April 1945 in New York Times Book Review, June 12, 1966