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    Riley Cantrell Collection

    Summary: Donor worked for Walker Construction Company during the 1981-1983 restoration of the 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse. As various parts of the building and its contents were being thrown away, he salvaged various pieces for his own collection. In addition to the following objects he is giving to the County archives, he has various metal ventilation grill plates which he has painted and has kept. The collection includes nine photographs showing objects he collected.
    Artifacts: Seven cabinet knobs and two drawer pulls:
    • Four clear glass cabinet knobs, one inch
    • One clear glass cabinet knob.
    • One clear glass cabinet knob, one inch, with knob attached on long screw
    • One white porcelain knob, one inch
    • Two green glass drawer pulls, four inches
    • metal fleur de lis hanging on a window frame
    • cabinet knobs and drawer pulls described above, one through five, (two copies)
    • metal decorative piece with oval center, mounted on wall, (two copies)
    • desktop objects: old stapler, brass coat hook, glass knobs, on granite wainscoting (three copies)
    • metal decorative piece (number 8) on white wall (three copies)
    • four metal vent cover grills, mounted on wall (three copies)
    • eight metal vent cover grills, mounted on wall (two copies)
    • bottle collection, with one from Jacksonville, Florida (two copies)
    • close up view of stapler on pink granite, with brass coat hook, knobs and pulls