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    Arnold-Humphries Collection

    USAF airplane with large group of people posing in front of it
    Summary: The anonymous donor's mother discovered a family album in the trash behind her apartment and salvaged it. Details are described in an accompanying letter. the donor lives in New Mexico. Images are of a Fort Worth Arnold-Humphries family dating from approximately the 1930s through the 1960s.
    Scanned images from scrapbook include the following names and places:
    • Golda Rose Humphries, 1948-9
    • Joe Michael Arnold, son of Joseph Arnold and wife Golda Rose Humphries, 1950
    • Jesse Lee "Jake" Humphries and family about 1934
       Edna Anna Humphries
       Wanda Lou Humphries
       Elsie Edna Humphries
       Averald Humphries
       Henry Saborn Humphries
       Jessie Lee Humphries
       Golda Rose Humphries
       Edmond Humphries
       Manda Jean Humphries
    • "Janie '65" Technical High
    • Betty Jo Copeston
    • Golda Humphries
    • Joan Alverson
    • Martha Jones, Second Grade teacher, 1958-9, Greenbriar Elementary, Fort Worth
    • Shirley Ring, Third Grade teacher, 1959-60, Greenbriar Elementary, Fort Worth
    • Bayview Terrace, San Diego 4th Grade Class, Mrs. Brown, 1961
    • others, full name not given
    • Joe Small, 1971
    • Melba Small
    • Love Field, Dallas
    • Machine shop interior
    • Final Charter Class, Fort Worth Scottish Rite, September 30, 1975, WD Smith Photo
    • Parade, Veteran's Day, 1946 Fort Worth, Texas; Joe Arnold and female flag bearer
    • Grandpa Levi Arnold and David Arnold in front of white frame house, 1930s
    • Group photo in hangar with aircraft marked "US Air Force" - Likely General Dynamics(image shown)