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    James Archer Collection

    Bell Helicopter 47
    James Archer Collection
    Summary: The donor, a long time employee of Bell Helicopter, created a collection of  photographs and scale drawings of early Bell Helicopter aircraft. With the donor's permission, and due to the importance of the work, Tarrant County Archives is making full scans available. For a complete .pdf document covering the Commercial Models (81 pages), click on the link below.  Access is also available in the Archives for all aircraft covered in the collection.
    • Pictorial History of Bell Helicopter Aircraft. Unpublished historical images of early Bell  Helicopters. Aircraft are organized under Commercial, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. Most drawings have the dimensions for each aircraft, unbound, covers 1943-1983 
    • Seven framed black and white photographs with labels identifying model and year, covers Ship 1 in 1943 to Model XV-3 in 1954:
      • Ship 1, Year 1943
      • Model 47D, Year 1944 (shown)
      • Model 47B3, Year 1944
      • Model 47B, Year 1946
      • Model YH12, Year 1948
      • Model 54, Year 1948
      • Model XV-3, Year 1954
    • Pictorial History of Bell Helicopter: Commercial Models

    Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of this historical document, it is submitted here as a scanned image. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact the Tarrant County Archivist at 817-884-3272.

    Credit: Tarrant County Archives, James Archer Collection.  Please contact Tarrant County Archivist regarding use in any published or commercial format.