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    Environmental collection center information

    The Tarrant County Transportation Department is proud to announce a new service to the residents of the unincorporated areas of Tarrant County. The Tarrant County Environmental Collection Center Program (TCECCP) is a regional effort by cities in Tarrant County to provide citizens a safe and effective way to dispose of household hazardous chemicals and wastes. This service is FREE to citizens of unincorporated Tarrant County and participating cities.

    Environmental Collection

    The Tarrant County Commissioners Court and the City Councils of the particpating cities have set aside funds to allow their citizens to drop off household hazardous chemicals and wastes at the Regional Environmental Collection Center (ECC) operated by the City of Fort Worth. The City of Fort Worth Department of Environmental Management has staffed the ECC with professional environmental personnel who unload, sort, package and arrange for proper disposal material which is brought to the ECC.  Please check out the City of Fort Worth's ECC website at the logo and link below.

    Envionmental Collection Center

    Environmental Collection Center

    If you are a resident of unincorporated Tarrant County and would like to properly dispose of your household hazardous chemicals or waste, please contact Mr. Robert Berndt at 817-884-2634 or by e-mail at Mr. Berndt will collect some basic information from the resident to complete a Voucher Information Sheet (VIS). After the VIS material is confirmed, a Tarrant County Environmental Collection Center Program Voucher will be mailed to the resident or the resident may pickup the voucher at the Transportation Services Department. The resident can now take household hazardous chemicals or waste to the ECC for proper disposal. AN UNINCORPORATED TARRANT COUNTY RESIDENT MUST HAVE A VOUCHER BEFORE GOING TO THE ECC.

    Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to take care of Tarrant County's environment.