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    The Henderson

    A Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Community Publication

    The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has had a wonderful year and that’s all been in part to the chiefs, captains, lieutenants, sergeants, corporals, detention officers, deputies and civilians that make up our agency. They have put in the hard work that it takes to keep an office of our size going and allowed us to follow our mission: protecting and serving the people of Tarrant County. I’m personally looking forward to 2019 and ready to take the New Year on and knock out our goals. Some of which include a new initiative in our Criminal Investigations Division that will focus on child abuse cases and getting our team members more training opportunities. I look forward to sharing our progress towards these goals with everyone as we move through 2019. God bless during this season of good tidings and may Santa be kind to you!

    Always at your service,

    Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn