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Probate Court No. 2
Tarrant County Courthouse

Judge Pat Ferchill


Tarrant County Courthouse


100 W. Weatherford St

Room 150

Fort Worth, TX, 76196


8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



Who to Contact?

Court Coordinator

Tina Clay


Court Administrator

Steve Fields


Court Investigator - Guardianship

Jeff Arnier


Probate Auditor

Charlotte Hogan-Price


Guardianship Auditor

Mike Grover


Guardianship Specialist

Joy Taylor


Associate Judge Lin C. Morrisett

100 W. Weatherford St. - Room 220A
Fort Worth, TX 76196

Court Coordinator: Chevron Pollard


Guardianship Social Workers

Assistant Court Investigators

Arlene Shorter    817-884-2719

Denise Buchan    817-884-3251

Cindy Brown       817-212-7041

Forms and Notices

Guardianship Forms


  • Court Initiated Guardianship Forms
  • Guardian of the Person Forms
  • Guardian of the Estate Forms - for attorney's only
  • Checklists - for Attorneys only
  • Personal Surety Bond
  • Bill of Rights for Wards


Decedent's Estates Forms


  • Contested Estate Litigation
  • Consent for Independent Administration of Decedent's Estates
  • Attorney Ad-Litem Forms
  • Pro-Se Policy and Forms
  • Probate Guides and Forms
  • Small Estate Affidavit and Instructions                                                    



Mental Health Forms



Notices and Rules


Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of the source of some of the documents, they were created from scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please call 817-884-1415.