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    Our Duties

    The Precinct 6 Constables Office will strive to provide the highest quality of service and standards expected of law enforcement officers. Our duties include:

    • Delivering Subpoenas to witnesses
    • Acting as bailiff
    • Executing judgments and warrants
    • Assist the Justices of the Peace, County and District courts
    • Assist the Attorney General's Office with child support
    • Patrolling functions
    • Making criminal investigations
    • Assisting other Law Enforcement Agencies and Emergency Service Departments
    • Enforce laws regarding illegal dumping
    • Enforce laws on hot checks
    • Stop vehicles for major traffic violations
    • Constables are involved in the overall effort to reduce the effects of crime in their communities
    • Process serving:
      • writ of possessions
      • writ of attachments
      • writ of sequestrations
      • writ of habeas corpus
      • writ of executions
      • writ of garnishments
      • writ of retrieval