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    If you are set for trial you should assume you are going to trial. The docket is provided so that you may contact those with cases before yours.

    If you are set for a hearing and do not plan to attend please contact the Court Coordinator (817-884-1914) or the Court Bailiff (817-884-1095) to notify the Court.

    The Court Coordinator will generally call jury trials the business day before and inquire into their status. This is a courtesy and is NOT required by the Local Rules. As such, do not depend on getting a call from the coordinator. Presume you are going to trial.

    You should always check the status of a trial or hearing through the Online Case System. The system contains the most current information on settings.

    Instructions for using the Online Docket System:

    1. Go to the Online Case System (Click the link).
    2. Select "All CCL Courts" in the drop down menu.
    3. Click on "Court Calendar".
    4. On the next page select Search by Judicial Officer in the drop down menu.
    5. Select "Hrabal, Mike" in the drop down menu under "Judicial Officer."
    6. Enter the date or dates you wish to search and click "Search."
    7. Use the drop down menu in the upper left of the screen to sort by "Date and Time", "Plaintiff Name", "Defendant Name" or "Case Number".