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    About Us

    Budget with pen and paper

    The Tarrant County Budget and Risk Management Department was created in 1989 and is responsible for the development and monitoring of the County budget. The department serves the Commissioners Court by providing recommendations to facilitate operational efficiency within the various County departments. The programs of each County department are reviewed annually. Funding requests are considered and the Budget department presents recommendations to the Tarrant County Commissioners Court for approval and adoption.

    Tarrant County's fiscal year is October 1 through September 30. Budget hearings are held each year by the Commissioners Court to evaluate the budgetary needs of each department and set the County's tax rate. The budget hearings, held in August of each year, take place in the Commissioners Courtroom, 100 E. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, Texas, and are open to the public.

    The Risk Management responsibilities include the oversight of the County's self-insurance programs. Tarrant County is self-insured for automobile physical damage/liability, worker's compensation, general liability and employee health insurance. Traditional insurance policies are purchased to provide coverage for Tarrant County's buildings and their contents and coverage to safeguard public funds collected by various departments.

    The Risk Management division identifies exposures and evaluates alternatives for retention or transfer of risks. The department coordinates resolutions on claims filed against the County and coordinates loss recoveries. A Risk Management Board reviews all claims before they are presented to Commissioners Court.

    Contact Information

    Helen Giese, Interim Director

    Kandice Boutte, Interim Asst Director

    Michele Heckman, Budget Analyst

    Taylor Phelps, Administrative Asst

    Paul Wood, Risk Manager

    Travis Yarbrough, Risk Analyst