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    Paperless Billing


    E-Statements can be printed from your account.  Just search for your account and select the red E-STATEMENT button from the account options.



    We have simplified the paperless billing process!  It's as easy as searching for your account, agreeing to the terms, and entering your email address.

    September 15 is the deadline for receiving the initial statement for the current tax year.  However, any subsequent billings can be sent electronically if we receive updates from Tarrant Appraisal District on your account.  If the electronic billing is still in place on September 15 of the following year, you will receive next year's initial statement without having to sign up again.

    Sign up for paperless billing by searching for your account and selecting the green PAPERLESS button from the account options.


    IMPORTANT:  Pursuant to the Texas Property Tax Code Section 31.01, please note that by selecting the electronic delivery option, you will no longer receive tax bills or delinquent notices via mail delivery.  Therefore, before executing this agreement for electronic delivery of tax bills, all applicable laws and rules relating to your property tax account(s) must be reviewed carefully.