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    Question 4: I am disabled.

    I am disabled and would like to obtain license plates with the international symbol of access. What should I do?

    Texas law allows disabled residents to obtain one set of plates with the international symbol of access and one placard; or, you can get two placards. The placard may be displayed in any vehicle used to transport the disabled person when parked in a disabled person parking space if the vehicle does not have disabled person license plates. An application form (VTR-214) is available online at or at the county tax office. The form must be completed and notarized by the applicant's physician. An acceptable form of ID is also required.

    Permanent Disability:

    There is no fee for the permanent placard, which must be renewed every four years. There is no extra fee for the license plate, which is only available with a permanent disability. 

    Temporary Disability:

    A temporary placard may be issued for a six month period with the completed form and a $5 fee.