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    Department of HOusing and Community Affairs - Building homes, strengthening communities


    1501 Circle Drive
    Fort Worth, TX 76119


    The mission of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is to administer its assigned programs efficiently, transparently and lawfully and to invest its resources strategically and develop high quality affordable housing which allows Texas communities to thrive.

    The department accomplishes this mission by acting as a conduit for federal grant funds for housing and community services. However, because several major housing programs require the participation of private investors and private lenders, TDHCA also operates as a housing finance agency.

    Ensuring program compliance with the many state and federal laws that govern housing programs is another important part of the department's mission. This ensures the health and safety of TDHCA's housing portfolio and guarantees state and federal resources are expended in an efficient and effective manner.

    TDHCA also serves as a financial and administrative resource that helps provide essential services and affordable housing opportunities to Texans who qualify for this assistance based on their income level. Additionally, the department is a resource for educational materials and technical assistance for housing, housing related and community services matters.