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    Long-Range Planning for JPS Health Network


    This website provides county residents with a central location to examine the Long-Range Planning for the JPS Health Network, monitor progress, read reports and provide your input, questions and recommendations to us.

    We are fortunate to live in a time when advances in technology and coordination of medical care provide dramatic changes in the delivery of healthcare that not only helps save lives but also improves the quality of our lives.

    These medical care coordination and technology changes are opportunities for Tarrant County and the JPS Health Network to develop new solutions to meet our communities’ health care needs in the hospital and throughout our 60 neighborhood ambulatory and school based clinics.

    Now, the JPS Health Network is looking into the future to anticipate changes in population demographics/growth, technology and how we provide healthcare services. With this information, the Tarrant County Court Commissioners will be able to make informed decisions to improve the health status of the County.


    Four Community Forums have been scheduled.