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    Questions Answers
    I babysit my grandchildren, can I be excused? No, the law only allows you to be excused if you have legal custody of the children.  The law does allow you to defer your original summons date in order to give you more time to make arrangements. 
    I have a medical condition and it would be difficult to serve as a juror. In order to be excused for a medical reason, you must provide a doctors letter. If you are disabled, we can accept copies of your Social Security Disability award letter.  Or, you can provide a receipt of your handicap license plates or placard issued by Tarrant County Tax Assessor's Office.  If you are interested in filing a permanent medical exemption and your documentation states "permanent" or "chronic" then you would be eligible for permanent exemption.
    I have served with the municipal or federal courts within the last 24 months. What do I need to do to claim that as an exemption? We do not have access to municipal or federal court records.  Therefore, we would need a copy of your certificate from the municipal or federal court.  You can email, fax, scan or postal mail a copy of the certificate of service to be excused.
    I just received a new summons and it has been less than 24 months since my last one. Can I be excused? It may help to understand that Tarrant County Jury Services uses a two year jury list.  Our list begins in January of even years and is completed in December of the odd years.  Most jurors read on the summons that there is a 24 month exemption and incorrectly believe they won't be summoned for 24 months.  The 24 month exemption does not keep jurors from being summoned.  It does allow petit jurors the opportunity to be excused.  In order to be a petit juror, you must be one of the six or 12 jurors that makes it to the jury box and is actually sworn-in by the judge.  If you did not get selected once inside the court, that exemption does not apply.  Keep in mind, if you are summoned at the end of one list and beginning of another, the law does allow you to defer your service to a later date.
    I requested to be excused because I'm a student taking online or evening classes. The law states you must be in enrolled and in actual attendance in order to claim that exemption.  Online and evening classes can be discussed once you are assigned to a court.
    If I work in law enforcement, do I have to serve or can I claim the Legislative Branch exemption? Law enforcement officers are not automatically excused.  Law enforcement does not fall under the Legislative Branch it is part of the Executive Branch.
    My child is 12 years of age, can I be excused?

    No, the law only allows you to be excused if your child is under 12.   The law does allow you to defer your original summons date in order to give you more time to make arrangements.  Or, you can discuss the issue as a hardship once you are assigned to a court.

    There is nothing on the summons to be excused for religious beliefs. How do I address those issues? You are still required to answer the summons either by reporting in person or using the online system.  Then, once you are assigned to a court, you can discuss those issues with the judge of that court.
    This page was last modified on April 20, 2017


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