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    About Jury Services


    Dear Prospective Juror,

    Jury service plays a vital role in sustaining the American system of justice. You are an important part of the Tarrant County Justice System.

    Perhaps you are wondering, "Why was my name drawn for jury service?" The Texas Legislature is responsible for all laws pertaining to jury service. Every other year the Secretary of State receives the Tarrant County voters list, the driver's license and identification card lists from the Department of Public Safety. The Secretary of State then combines these lists and sends Tarrant County their jury list for the upcoming two years.  The Tarrant County jury list begins in January of the even years and ends the last week of December in the odd years.  Currently, there are over one million names on our jury list and we mail over 200,000 summons annually. The reason some people never receive a summons is because we are not able to exhaust the list before the end of the two-year cycle.

    However, it is now easier than ever to report for jury service.  Gone are the days of reporting to the Central Jury Room and waiting all day to see if the courts would need a jury. Now you have a choice.  You can report in person as summoned to the Central Jury Room. Or, you can use our online system, eResponse.  As long as you register online at least two business days in advance and confirm your status; we will email your jury service instructions.  The date you are summoned to appear WILL NOT change.  If you receive an online assignment, your time and place will change.  By using eResponse, you will be sent an email with instructions regarding your jury service which generally, allows you to bypass the Central Jury Room.   

    The judges and I hope jury service is a pleasant experience for you. Please tell your judge or me any concerns or compliments you may have.


    Paula Giaimo Morales, Bailiff
    Tarrant County Jury Services