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  • The Ann L. Rhodes Estate Collection

    Accessibility Notice: Due to the age and complexity of the original material, these linked scrapbook PDFs are made up of scanned images. If you need assistance accessing the content in one of the documents, please contact Archivist Dawn Youngblood  at 817-884-3272.

    Ann Rhodes Debut 1941-1962 Cover Page

    Ann Rhodes Debut
    White leatherette album containing baby pictures, family pictures and newspaper clippings. 12 by 14.5 inches. 89 pages.

    Ann Rhodes Musagete and Arlington Heights High School 1957-1960 Cover Page

    Ann Rhodes Musagete and Arlington Heights High School, 1957-1960
    Blue-green leatherette scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, photographs and ephemera related to Musagetes. 12 by 14.5 inches. 236 pages.

    Ann Rhodes TCU and Kappa Kappa Gamma Cover Page

    Ann Rhodes TCU and Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Undated, 1960
    Off-white leatherette scrapbook containing letters, newspaper clippings and ephemera related to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at TCU. 12 by 14.5 inches. 200 pages.

    Carol Jane Greene 2 192-1938 Cover Page

    Carol Jane Greene, undated, 1922-1938
    undated, 1922, 1924, 1932-1938
    Collection of newspaper articles, programs and invitations, particularly related to Greene’s social and sorority activities, horseback riding and time at Fort Worth Central High School and Briarcliff Junior College. 11 by 15 inches. 61 pages.

    Carol Jane Greene 1 1936 Cover Page

    Carol Jane Greene, undated, 1936
    undated, 1936
    Scrapbook containing social mementos, such as newspaper announcements and articles, cards, telegrams, playbills, programs and college newsletters. 13 by 10 inches. 375 pages.

    Carol Jane Greene 1937-1940 Cover Page

    Carol Jane Greene, 1937-1940
    undated 1937-1940
    Invitations, newspaper clippings, photographs, telegrams, playbills, programs and other memorabilia, a portion of which is related to Greene’s debutant season. 11.5 by 16 inches. 602 pages. Note: This file is 456MB. Please allow extra time to load.

    Carol Jane Greene High School Graduation and Briarcliff 1935 Cover Page

    Carol Jane Greene High School Graduation and Briarcliff
    Green scrapbook containing newspaper clippings and ephemera related to 1935 Fort Worth Central High School graduation and first year at Briarcliff in New York. 10.75 by 13.25 inches. 389 pages.

    WWII, Globe Aircraft 1936, 1943, 1944 Scrapbook Cover Page

    Globe Aircraft
    undated, 1936, 1943, 1944
    Contains magazine and newspaper articles related to Globe Aircraft, many in the context of World War II. Has a few other items, such as photographs, a music class program and articles on the British monarchy. 12 by 16 inches. 150 pages.  

    Jon K. Rhodes Construction Scrapbook Cover Page

    Jon K. Rhodes Construction
    undated, 1949-1951, 1963
    Contains photographs, newspaper articles and advertisements related to Jon Knox Rhodes Construction, as well as some personal documents of Rhodes’s, such as cards. 12 by 14 inches. 119 pages.

    Palomino Shows 1955-1956 Cover Page

    Palomino Shows
    undated, 1955-1956
    Contains photographs from palomino shows and a few fliers from the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show. 9.5 by 11.5 inches. 28 pages.

    Social Announcements 1940-1941 Scrapbook Cover Page

    Social Announcements and Correspondence
    A collection of social announcements by Carol Jane Greene Rhodes, such as newspaper articles with marriage announcements, invitations, as well as telegrams and cards. 11 by 15 inches. 87 pages.  

    Follow this link to the Ann L. Rhodes Estate Collection page.


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