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    An internship is a commitment of 150 hours or more completed within well defined time parameters (usually a semester) for the purpose of gaining a hands-on learning experience. Generally, internships are held by college students studying in a related field, such as history, anthropology, or archival studies on either the graduate or undergraduate level. We do accept post-graduate interns who wish to hone their skills and beef up their resume with relevant experience. 




    The Tarrant County Archivist takes an active role in helping those who have completed internships in the Archives when requested by writing letters of recommendation, helping hone resumes, and the like. Recent interns have come from Tarrant County schools, such as the University of Texas at Arlington, regional schools, such as the University of North Texas, and further afield, such as Salem College in North Carolina. Currently, no paid internships are offered.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    The Tarrant County Archives is a public-private partnership with many exciting volunteer opportunities if you love history.  Under the direction of the Tarrant County Archivist, volunteers work with primary documents that are key elements to understanding our local and regional past. Each volunteer experience is geared towards individual talents and interests. Many volunteers do "a little bit of everything" until they find their niche. Parking in the surface lot in front of the Tarrant County Plaza building is complimentary for volunteers that donate 3 hours or more. Most volunteers are on a regular schedule, coming in one morning or afternoon per week; some donate one day per week or two afternoons per week to offer some examples. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact the Tarrant County Archivist. Additionally, you may fill out the Volunteer Information Form and mail, email, or bring it with you. The Archivist will be happy to give you an individual or small group tour and discuss the various opportunities when you visit.