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    River Oaks Area Historical Society

    Summary: Mary Jones Earwood, president of the River Oaks Area Historical Society (ROAHS) in Fort Worth, Texas, donated material for subject files on behalf of the society.
    • "Firecracker Hill," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bill Fairley
    • "Esmond Scarborough Shares History of North Side," by Jo Ann Dennis, February 15, 2001
    • "R. O. Area Historical Society members Enjoy Trip to Austin," by Jo Ann Dennis, May 17, 2001
    • "Mayflower Trunk Lands in River Oaks,"  by Jo Ann Dennis, July 12, 2001
    • "Former River Oaks Resident Recalls Boyhood Memories at Historical Society Meeting," by Jo Ann Dennis, July 5, 2001
    • "River Oaks Area Historical Society Alive and Well," by Jo Ann Dennis, July 27, 2000
    • "Mitzi Lucas Riley Speaks at ROAHS Meeting," by Jo Ann Dennis, March 29, 2001
    • "Dedication of Castleberry ISD Water Pumo," by Jo Ann Dennis, July 6, 2000
    • "Former Castleberry Choir Director Speaks for Historical Society," by Jo Ann Dennis, October 26, 2000
    • "Historical Society Enlightened on Tater Hill from Long-time Resident," by Jo Ann Dennis, August 31, 2000
    • "Historical Society Enjoys Yet Another Program from Northside History Buffs," by Jo Ann Dennis, September 21, 2000
    • "River Oaks Dedicates Monument Honoring Civil Defense Workers," by Jo Ann Dennis, June 14, 2001
    • "Remembering Gangster Days," by Bill Fairley, Fort Worth Star-Telegram , September 6, 2000
    • Newspaper photograph of Bob Schieffer, November 12, 1959
    • "Remembering Your Roots," by Linda Claridge: "Joe Bob Stephens," "River Oaks Resident of 58 Years Shares Memories - Hubert B. Lovell"
    • River Oaks News, July 3, 2003
    • River Oaks News, November 27, 2003
    • River Oaks News, December 11, 2003
    • River Oaks News, December 18, 2003
    • River Oaks News, January 22, 2004
    • "Mary Farlow: remembering a special resident from the past."
    • Development of the River Oaks Community by Lola L. Walker, written 1936, republished March 6, 1997.
    • Garl Ray relates his WW2 experiences to ROAHS, January 30, 2003.
    • River Oaks Elects new Mayor and Councilman, May 8, 2003.
    • Nina Maria Korth Cole talk to ROAHS, July 3, 2003.
    • Margie Lucas Allen celebrates 90th birthday, October 16, 2003.
    • Northwest Kiwanis Club 49th Installation of Officers, October 23, 2003.
    • Sharron Connelly talk on Mona Lisa painting to ROAHS, October 30, 2003.
    • February 12, 2004. Indie Driver and River Oaks resident Johnny Rutherford
    • February 26, 2004. Artist Earl Williams
    • June 24, 2004. Chamber of Commerce installation and awards, July 4th plans.
    • July 8, 2004. Frances and Keith Posey, City Secretary Bonnie Gibbs
    • July 15, 2004. July 4th festivities, Police Chief Daniel Chisholm
    • July 29, 2004. Death of former mayor James Walker, Capt. Paul Paine of NASJRB speaks to Chamber of Commerce.
    • August 5, 2004, Death of Nathan Laurie, River Oaks Police Department, Merissa Leck, 12, Student Ambassador to Great Britain.
    • August 12, 2004. Nathan Laurie funeral
    • August 19, 2004. Edward Jones office opening, Treasure Garden Cafe.
    • October 7, 2004. Wayne Land, retiring School Board president.
    • October 14, 2004. TCHC archivist Susie Pritchett, guest at ROAHS
    • October 21, 2004. Gladys Merlene Easterling, former mayor of Sansom Park, dies; E. Joseph Fox, new police chief of Westworth Village.
    • October 28, 2004. River Oaks News celebrates 65 Years.
    • February 17, 2005: Castleberry Graduate LeAnna Biles speaks to ROAHS.
    • May 19, 2005: Castleberry Drug-Free Awareness Fundraiser Dinner and Auction
    • June 23, 2005: Quentin McGown speaks to ROAHS.
    • June 30, 2005: River Oaks City Employee retires after 22 years, Bonnie Gibbs.
    • July 14, 2005: Independence Day Celebration
    • August 4, 2005: Makarwich Family History, presentation for ROAHS
    • March 3, 2005: pages 10 and 11 on Dr. Christine Lock
    • 13 pages of copied newspaper articles on women's organizations in River Oaks
    • Eight pages of copied newspaper articles on various River Oaks subjects
    • 11 pages copied from newspapers on founding and closing of River Oaks State Bank
    • Letter from J. Frank Farlow, 1954, announcing the need for a new bank
    • Stockholder list from bank for 10,000 shares sold at $35 per share
    • Two-page summary of "Rise and Fall of River Oaks State Bank," author unknown


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