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    Historical County Records

    Tarrant County Archives holds a wide selection of early County documents of historical value from the Tarrant County Departments listed below. Items are to be found in the Tarrant County Collection. On this page, researchers will find additional resources pertaining to Tarrant County and local governments - including Historical Lists of Elected Officials, Population Growth Chart for Tarrant County 1850-1958, and a reference list of research files kept in the Tarrant County Archives on  Texas Historical Markers in Tarrant County. The Tarrant County Archives maintains these research files containing the material used to back up the conferring of each Historical Marker in the County.

    • Tarrant County Administrator 
    • Agri Life Extension
    • Auditor
    • Commissioners Court
    • County Clerk
    • 2nd District Court of Appeals
    • Tarrant County Credit Union
    • District Attorney
    • District Clerk
    • Elections Office
    • Facilities Management
    • Graphics Department
    • Human Resources
    • Records Manager
    • Sheriff's Department
    • Tax Assessor and Collector
    • Transportation Department

    1887 Report on Roads

    By no means does the Tarrant County Archives hold all preserved historical records within Tarrant County. For a more information on our holdings, click the links to the left. Additional historical documents may be accessed directly from the creating department. Calling the Tarrant County operator (number below) is the fastest way to be connected with any department in Tarrant County.  Also, explore the Tarrant County Home page and each department for more information on what forms of documents each department makes available to the public and in what format.