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    Welcome to Purchasing

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    Bid/RFP Number Bid/RFP Name  
    2011-068 Inmate Calling Services
    2015-043 Network Equipment and Implementation Services
    2015-144 Cloud-Based Electronic Health Records System
    2016-120 Metropolitan Ethernet Services
    2016-200 Emergency Notification Services
    2017-057 Mainframe Hosting, Managed Services, and Disaster Recovery Services
    2017-068 Enterprise Disease Surveillance and Management System
    2017-071 Architectural/Engineering Services for Various Tarrant County Projects
    2017-081 Highly Specialized Transition and Aftercare Program
    2017-089 Purchase of Motor Graders
    2017-101 Intensive Spanish Language Mental Health Services
    2017-102 Hybrid Vehicles
    2017-122 Inmate Commissary Services, Inmate Banking Services, Deposit/Release Services, and Optional Value Added Technology
    2017-143 Professional Land Surveying Services
    2017-150 Publishing Tool for Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
    2017-170 Truck Mounted Telescopic Aerial Device
    2017-179 Purchase of Canon varioPrint DP 140, Components
    2017-182 Tandem Drum Articulated Frame Vibratory Rollers
    2018-032 Digital In Car Video System
    2018-045 Automotive Truck Equipment Tire and Tubes
    2018-046 Disaster Debris Removal, Reduction Disposal, and Other Emergency Debris Related Services
    2018-057 Fuel
    2018-062 Case Management Solution for Public Health Environmental Health Division
    2018-070 Electronic Poll Books
    2018-076 Trash Removal Services
    2018-088 Offender/Defendant-Paid DWI Education, DWI Repeat Offender Program and Drug Offender Education Program
    2018-095 Case Management System
    2018-099 Printing and Processing of Tax Statements
    2018-100 Environmental Consulting Services
    2018-101 Juvenile Drug Court Services
    2018-102 Prisoner Transport Van Conversion
    2018-103 Unified Communications As a Service
    2018-117 Bio-Medical Waste Pickup and Disposal
    2018-118 Temporary Healthcare Business Staff
    2018-124 Pneumatic Compactor
    2018-125 U.S., Texas and Tarrant County Flags
    2018-128 Concrete Repairs at 350 Belknap Parking Garage
    2018-142 Guard Tour System
    2018-157 Sign Post and Anchor Material Breakaway Style
    2018-160 Audit Management System
    2018-164 Professional Services to Support Internal Development of a Medical Examiner's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
    2018-168 Purchase of Dump Trucks and Haul Truck
    2018-186 Pre-Employment Polygraph Services
    2019-002 Election Equipment
    2019-003 Defendant Notification System
    2019-012 Monitoring Services - Burglary, Fire and Safe
    2019-035 Wrecker Service
    2019-044 Electronic Medical Record Support for Public Health System (ESP) Upgrade and Riskscape Implementation
    2019-051 Ryan White HIV Policy Development and Technical Assistance
    2019-057 Printing of Election Ballots
    2019-062   Preventative Maintenance Service of Commercial Kitchen Facilities
    2019-064 Installation and Removal of Guard Fence
    2019-065 Modular Furniture and Moveable/Demountable Walls
    2019-070 OnBase Maintenance and Support
    2019-071 Laboratory Test Kits, Media and Reagents for Dairy Testing
    2019-074 Lumber and Building Materials
    2019-087 Cold Milling Machine With Operator and Helper
    2019-089 Library Automation Software
    2019-090 Automotive and Light Truck Body Repair
    2019-095 Self-Propelled Bituminous Pavers
    2019-099 Class 7, Cab and Chassis Trucks with Box Van Body and 4,000 lb. Lift Gate
    2019-104 North Patrol Station Emergency Power System
    2019-105 Purchase of Digital Copiers and Maintenance
    2019-109 Erosion Control and Hydromulch Services and Materials
    2019-110 Inmate Food Trays
    2019-111 Repair and Preventative Maintenance of Commercial Kitchen Equipment
    2019-112 Lamps, Ballasts and Electrical Supplies
    2019-113 Carpet, Tile and Miscellaneous Flooring Materials and Services
    2019-115 Miscellaneous Office Furniture
    2019-116 Policy Management System
    2019-119 Covert Surveillance Camera Systems
    2019-120 Record Management System
    2019-121 Automotive and Light Truck Parts and Supplies
    2019-131 Articulated Wheel Loaders
    2019-132 Offender/Defendant-Paid Ignition Interlock Device Services
    2019-133 Mobile Data Computers
    2019-136 Lawn and Small Engine Equipment, Parts, Repairs and Maintenance
    2019-137 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey
    2019-143 Historical Preservation Plan
    2019-144 Sign Shop Printing Equipment
    2019-148 Grant Writing Services
    2019-153 Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing
    2019-155 Trackless Tack Emulsion
    2019-157 Fleet Fuel Card and Management Services
    2019-159 Social Media Listening Platform
    2019-162 Time Date Stamp Machines Service and Supplies
    2019-163 Purchase of Body Scanner
    2019-164 Custom File Folders
    2019-167 Jail Security Electronics and Software Systems Integration, Maintenance, and Repair
    2019-171 Lift Device Repair and Service
    2019-177 Copier Maintenance and Supplies
    2019-178 Structured Cabling Materials and Services
    2019-181 Emergency Vehicle Equipment and Supplies
    2019-185 Independent Validation and Verification Services
    2019-186 Pool Heater Replacement for Resource Connection
    2019-187 Rental of Tables and Chairs
    2019-188 350 West Belknap Parking Garage Renovation and Elevator Replacement
    2019-193 Inmate Uniforms
    2019-195 Service Organization Controls SSAE No. 18 Audit
    2019-196 Rideshare Services
    2019-200 Rental of Bobtail Trucks
    2019-201 Purchase of Jury Room Seating for the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center
    2019-202 Northeast Courthouse Furnishings Shell Finish Out
    2019-203 Flexible Road Base Materials
    2019-204 On-Site Secure Collection and Cross-Cut Shredding of Confidential Documents
    2019-206 Appian Development for a Laboratory Information Management System
    2019-207 Business Continuity Centers for Arlington, Northeast, and Southeast Subcourthouses
    2019-208 Purchase of Family Law Center Video Management System
    2019-209 Purchase of Industrial 100 Horse Power Cross-Cut Shredder
    2019-210 Marketing Services
    2019-216 Risk Assessment Solution
    2019-223 Sign Shop Supplies
    2019-224 Preventive Maintenance on Air Handling and Cooling Equipment
    2019-226 Mechanical and Plumbing Services
    2019-229 Elections Printed Forms
    2019-236 Forensic Accident Reconstruction, Consultation, Expert Witness, and Support Services
    2019-237 HVAC Hatches
    2019-238 Hydraulic Repairs and Service
    2019-240 Lawn Treatment
    2019-241 Floor Mat and Shop Towel Services
    2019-246 Video Protection Design Project
    2019-251 Administration Building Fourth Floor Renovations
    2019-252 Service Awards
    2019-261 Welding Equipment Supplies and Industrial/Medical Gases
    2019-264 Asphalt Road Surfacing Products
    2019-268 THC Quantification Analysis
    2020-001 Full-Body Rapid Digital Radiology System for Forensic Pathology
    2020-002 Compensation Study Services
    2020-003 Office Supplies and Other Miscellaneous Products
    2020-007 Window Washing Services
    2020-009 Tasers and Accessories
    2020-013 Landscape Supplies and Services
    Irrigation Supplies and Services
    2020-019 Sit Stand Desks, Monitor Arms, and Fatigue Mats
    2020-025 Grease, Lint, Oil, and Sand Trap Cleaning Services
    2020-028 Specialized Electrical Services
    2020-033 Professional Engineering and Planning Services
    2020-034 Background Screening Services
    2020-035 Consulting Services for Implementation and Validation of Public Safety Assessment
    2020-037 Ballot Stock Paper
    2020-038 Jail Staffing and Efficiency Analysis
    2020-040 Purchase of Duplicator Offset Printing Press
    2020-041 Staffing Augmentation Services
    2020-042 Asphalt Release Agents
    2020-043 Cab and Chassis Truck with Fuel Service Body
    2020-044 Fitness Center Equipment
    2020-046 Emergency Vehicle Equipment Installation
    2020-049 Seating for Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center Jury Deliberation Rooms
    2020-051 Professional Architectural/Engineering Services for the 350 Belknap Building Renovation Project
    2020-054 Mainframe Application Support
    2020-055 Operation and Management of Parking Facilities
    2020-056 Sputter Carbon Coater System for Trace Evidence Laboratory
    2020-057 Wireless Digital Radiography for Flat Panel Detector
    2020-058 Voting Equipment Transportation Carts
    2020-062 Appian Licenses
    2020-063 Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment Preventative Maintenance and Repair Service
    2020-065 West Belknap Parking Garage Renovation for Elevator Replacement
    2020-069 Toner Cartridges and Maintenance Supplies for Inkjet and Laser Printers
    2020-072 Asphalt Crack Sealer
    2020-073 Criminal Justice Building Parking Garage Renovation for Elevator Replacement
    2020-074 Identification Verification Service for Ordering and Processing Certified Copies
    2020-075 Audio Visual Systems Maintenance and Repair
    2020-076 Purchase of Carbon Cylinders
    2020-077 Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Backflow Preventer Testing, Plus Maintenance and Repairs
    2020-079 Ammunition
    2020-081 Purchase of Retirement Watches
    2020-083 Electronic Fire Alarm Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs
    2020-084 Northeast Courthouse Retaining Wall Addition
    2020-086 Cement Slurry and Cementitious Slurry Products
    2020-087 Transportation of Human Remains
    2020-089 Aerial Application of Pesticides for Mosquito Control
    2020-092 Windshield and  Auto Glass Repair and Replacement
    2020-093 Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders
    2020-094 Electronic Monitoring
    2020-097 Electrical Services
    2020-099 Purchase of Warehouse Boxes and Lids
    2020-101 Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center Fire Alarm System Replacment
    2020-102A Juvenile Residential Services
    2020-106 Behavioral Management and Support Services for Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
    2020-107 Preventative Maintenance on Ice Machines/Dispensers Walk-In Coolers and Walk-In Freezers
    2020-110 Propane Fuel with Purchase and Repair of Equipment
    2020-113 Market Benefit Comparison Study
    2020-114 Moving Services
    2020-115 Purchase of Color Production Digital Press and Maintenance
    2020-119 Locksmith Services and Supplies
    2020-121 Commerical Real Estate Brokerage Services for Various Tarrant County Projects
    2020-124 Offender/Defendant-Paid Breath Alcohol Testing Services
    2020-125 Offender/Defendant Paid Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Services
    2020-126 Fitness Classes and Personal Trainer Sessions
    2020-128 Fire Suppression Equipment Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Purchase
    2020-131 Electrical Power Strips and Power Strip Towers
    2020-134 Work Uniforms
    2020-136 Residential and Land Real Estate Brokerage Services for Various Tarrant County Projects
    2020-137 Computer Accessories, Peripherals, and other Miscellaneous Hardware
    2020-138 Juvenile Forensic Assessment Services
    2020-139 Equipment Rentals
    2020-140 Pre-Sort Mailing Services
    2020-142 Out-Patient Sex Offending Treatment Services
    2020-143 C-Cure Access Control System Maintenance, Repair and Equipment Purchase
    2020-144 Fuel Site Repairs and Service
    2020-145 Janitorial Services
    2020-147 Gas and Oil Mineral Asset Management Services for County-Owned Properties
    2020-148 Payroll Services for Temporary Labor
    2020-153 Election Equipment Ancillary Components
    2020-155 Psychological/Psychiatric/Psychosexual Evaluations
    2020-156 Clinical Polygraph Services
    2020-160 Interpretation Services for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
    2020-162 Mail Sorter
    2020-166 Short-Term Rental of Cars, Trucks, and Vans
    2020-167 Preventative Maintenance and Repair of Standby Generators
    2020-168 Interior Painting Services for Various WIC Clinics
    2020-169 Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering Services
    2020-174 Police Package Vehicles
    2020-175 Temporary General Labor
    2020-176 Temporary Clerical Personnel
    2020-178 Elevator Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Parts
    2020-180 Meeting Management and Board Appointments Solution
    2020-183 Graphic and Photographic Supplies
    2020-184 SAP Consultant Services
    2020-187 HVAC Equipment Replacement for Precinct 2 Maintenance Facility
    2020-188 Urine Drug Screening Supplies
    2020-189 Audio-Visual Technician Temporary Staffing
    2020-190 COVID-19 Project Management Support
    2020-191 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response, Remediation Services, and Waste Disposal
    2020-192 Aggregate Road Surface Treatment
    2020-195 OEM Heavy Duty Equipment and Truck Parts and Supplies
    2020-197 Urine, Hair Follicle, Nail, and Sweat Patch Drug Testing
    2020-198 Contract Management Software
    2020-200 Fence Installation, Demolition, and Repairs
    2020-203 Onsite Language Interpretation Services
    2020-204 Returned Mail Capture and Recording Automation
    2020-206 Seating and Work Surfaces for WIC
    2020-207 Business Process Management and Strategic Consulting Services
    2020-209 HVAC Air Filters and Filter Replacement Services
    2020-216 Pickup Trucks, Vans and Utility Vehicles
    2020-217 Trailer Mounted Wet Jet and Vacuum Excavator
    2020-219 HVAC Water Treatment Services and Water Treatment Equipment
    2021-001 Meeting Management and Video Streaming Solution
    2021-002 Automated Mail Scanning and Check Processing
    2021-003 Plaza Building Renovations
    2021-004 Traffic and Crowd Control Equipment
    2021-007 Corrections Center Chiller Replacement
    2021-008 Corrections Center Cooling Tower Replacement
    2021-010 Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center Cooling Tower Replacement
    2021-011 Green Bay Jail Security Fencing Upgrades
    2021-013 Road Flares
    2021-014 Power Washing
    2021-015 Precinct 1 Fuel Canopy Repairs
    2021-023 Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center Security Improvements
    2021-024 DNA Laboratory Long Term Freezer Storage
    2021-026 Patient Satisfaction Survey
    2021-028 Offender/Defendant-Paid Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Services
    2021-028A Offender/Defendant-Paid Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Services
    2021-031 Urine Drug Screening Supplies
    2021-034 Mosquito Control Pesticides and Products
    2021-043 Tactical Gear  
    2021-044 Copier and Fax Supplies
    2021-045 Arlington Subcourthouse Generator Fuel Tank Replacement  
    2021-049 Vending Services  
    2021-051 Disaster Debris Removal, Reduction, Disposal, and Other Emergency Debris Related Services
    2021-053 Mattress Materials  
    2021-054 Miller Avenue Generator Additions  
    2021-055 Election Supply Bags
    2021-056 Tires and Tubes for Passenger Vehicles and Equipment  
    2021-059 Handcuffs, Leg Restraints, and Related Restraints
    2021-061 Prisoner Extradition Services  
    2021-062 Tech Refresh Program  
    2021-063 Disaster Debris Monitoring and Consulting Services  
    2021-064 SAP Enterprise Asset Management    
    2021-067 Cisco Network Equipment, Software, and Maintenance  
    2021-070 Pre-Employment Physicals  
    2021-071 Watchguard Digital In-Car System Hardware Warranty Protection
    2021-072 DNA Validation Services  
    2021-081 Domestic Water Pump Replacement Project  
    2021-082 Ground-Based Mosquito Control and Surveillance Activities  
    2021-085 Security Guard Services  
    2021-086 SAP Risk Management Claims System
    2021-089 Tire Repairs and Service  
    2021-090 Refurbish Inmate Property Conveyor and Property Bag Replacement  
    2021-091 Analytical Instrumentation (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer)  
    2021-096 Temporary Healthcare Personnel
    2021-099 Family Centered Multifaced Wraparound Services  
    Community Based Detention Services
    2021-104 Roofing & Waterproofing Repair Services  
    2021-106 Annual Contract for Traffic Paint
    2021-107 Intensive Spanish Language Mental Heath Services  
    2021-108 Semi-Annual Contract for Copy Paper, Envelopes, and other related products  
    2021-110 Pharmacy Services for Prescription Drug Dispensing  
    2021-113 Annual Contract for Lawn Maintenance
    2021-114 Printing and Mailing of Absentee Ballots
    2021-116 Janitorial Supplies

    Annual Contract for Overhead Door and Bi-Fold Door Preventative Maintenance and Repair

    2021-119 Structured Cabling System Project for Juvenile Services Campus Expansion Project
    2021-120 Annual Contract for Cisco Application Dynamics
    2021-122 Personal Protective Equipment Supplies
    2021-123 Covid-19 Needs and Resources Assessment and Related Support
    2021-125 Medical Examiner Supplies  
    2021-126 Annual Contract for Automatic and Manual Door Preventative Maintenance and Repair
    2021-127 In-Building Radio Coverage Enhancement for Mansfield SubCourthouse and Lonnell E. Cooper Community Justice Center
    2021-129 Annual Contract for HVAC Chiller Maintenance, Repair, and Parts Replacement
    2021-130 Transportation Services for Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)  
    2021-131 AV Equipment for Mobile Displays  
    2021-134 Traffic Control Equipment  
    2021-137 Jail System Food Services  
    2021-139 Appian Professional Services  
    2021-140 Microfiche and Microfilm Equipment, Maintenance, and Supplies
    2021-142 Preventative Maintenance and Repair of Air Compressors    
    2021-144 Facsimile and Multifunction Machine Maintenance, Repairs, and Supplies  
    2021-145 Annual Contract for HIV Professional Services    
    2021-146 Counseling and Education Services for Veterans Treatment Program
    2021-147 Lime Slurry and Hydrated Lime    
    2021-149 Covid-19 After-Action Review    
    2021-150 Dry Bulk Hydraulic Cement    
    2021-151 Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Concrete Box Culverts, and Safety End Treatments
    2021-152 Emulsions    
    2021-153 Disposable Paper and Plastic Products
    2021-154 Annual Contract for Temporary Personnel for Event-Response Data Analysis
    2021-155 Annual Contract for Informatics Consultant Services
    2021-156 Conduct an Organizational and Operational Review of Public Health and Develop a 3 to 5 year Strategic Plan    
    2021-157 OIl and Lubricants    
    2022-002 Annual Contract for Exterminating/Pest Control and Bee Removal Services
    2022-005 Newt Patterson Culvert Replacement
    2022-006 Inmate Hygeine Supplies    
    2022-015 Annual Contract for Printing and Mailing of Voter Registration Certificate Cards, Confirmation Notices, and Pre-Printed Stock
    2022-016 Annual Contract for Dishwashing and Laundry Chemicals
    2022-025 Interactive Touch Displays    
    2022-029 Annual Contract for Laboratory Test Kits and Reagents for Clinical Testing
    2022-033 Medical Examiner Office Reception Renovation    
    2022-041 Annual Contract for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), Accessories, and Bleed Control Kits
    2022-049 Annual Contract for Epson Mobilink P80 Plus Printers and Optional Pairing Services    

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