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    A chronic disease is an illness that once you have it, you will probably have it the rest of your life. However, with proper medical care it can be managed and a healthy life is possible. Examples of chronic diseases:

    What services are offered?

    The Division of Chronic Disease Prevention is pleased to be able to provide a variety of services at Tarrant County Public Health and in the community upon request. We currently offer many free classes and trainings geared toward health promotion and the prevention of chronic diseases. Also, when resources allow, health screenings and literature can be provided to you or your organization. If you would like to request one of our services, please complete the

    Community Service Request Form

    Printable Brochure

    Diabetes Education and Awareness

    Various education formats that emphasize preventing Type 2 Diabetes are available. Our awareness efforts include Community Outreach as well as Education Classes here at Tarrant County Public Health. We work closely with the Tarrant County Diabetes Collaboration to provide instructors when needed. All classes are taught by a Certified Health Education Specialist, a Health Educator or a Certified Diabetes Educator.

    Curriculum can be tailored to include:

    • What is Diabetes?
    • Complications
    • Risk Factors
    • Data, specific to the targeted community
    • Signs/Symptoms
    • Prevention, specific to diet & exercise
    • Resources for screening and/or referral
    • Self-management
    • Resources for involvement in eliminating health disparities regarding diabetes

    Community Outreach

    • Single or multi-session educational presentations to high-risk community groups
    • Literature distribution at local health events
    • *Blood Pressure and BMI Screenings after class (*If staffing permits)

    Group Classes

    • Single or multi-session educational classes
    • Referral to group classes at other community locations

    Classes Offered

    • Diabetes - Learn the "basics" about diabetes. This class includes information about how diabetes affects your body, signs & symptoms, risk factors, and ways to help prevent or delay getting diabetes or its complications.
    • High Blood Pressure - Find out what hypertension is, how it affects your body, signs & symptoms, and risk factors. Learn ways to help prevent or delay getting high blood pressure or its complications.
    • Asthma - Learn what is meant by "asthma triggers" and how to identify changes that can reduce or eliminate the triggers. Find out how to correctly use inhalers and peak flow meters. Leave the class knowing more about how to manage asthma.
    • Osteoporosis - This class is intended for those who may be at risk for developing this major health problem. Find out about how the symptoms and risk factors for bone loss, as well as things you can do to prevent it or delay getting it.
    • Weighing on Wellness - Hear about the current obesity epidemic, some of the causes for this condition, and the consequences of obesity. Learn the different ways being overweight or obese can be measured and explore some of the options for healthy weight loss. BMI Table
    • How to Talk to Your Doctor - We will talk about "building bridges" between you and your doctor by understanding the doctor's role and his/her duty to you. In particular, your doctor should communicate important health information to you in a clear and understandable manner. Your actions matter too. You can make a difference through what you say and how you say it. Making the most of your healthcare visit
    • Move and Groove - In this class, you will learn the basics of exercise and how to get started. It is filled with fun activities such as hula-hooping, chair dancing and stretching. Participation in the activities is not required and all ages are welcome!
    • Kids Growing Healthy - A program geared toward 5th grade students in Tarrant County. This program offers five free, interactive sessions and a two- to three-month follow-up evaluation to identify changes in daily nutrition and physical activity behaviors.
    • Tobacco Awareness - Participants learn how tobacco use affects the body. This class is designed to prevent tobacco usage among Tarrant County youth.
    • Nutrition - Live a More Colorful Life! - An initiative by Tarrant County Public Health to educate consumers about the benefits of incorporating a wide and colorful array of fruits and vegetables into their daily diets.
    • Nutrition - Label Reading - Can you look at a Nutrition Facts label and know if you are getting too much fat or sugar from the pre-packaged foods that you eat? If not, this class is perfect for you. This class will review how to read a Nutrition Facts label so that you can control how many calories, how much salt, sugar and other nutrients you are getting in your pre-packaged foods.
    • Stress Awareness and Management for Physical Health-  Have you ever asked yourself, how can I lessen the stress I am having? This presentation increases awareness of the health and well-being benefits of physical activity apart of our daily lives in the management and reduction of stress.
    • Heart Health Awareness -Learn how nutrition, physical activity, and stress management effect your heart.
    • Alzheimer's and Dementia - Tarrant County Public Health educators provide awareness education in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Association.  The topics include 10 Signs:  Early Detection Matters, and 10 Ways to Love Your Brain          

    Smoking Cessation

    Freedom From Smoking is a free four-week program designed for Tarrant County residents 18-years and older who want to quit smoking. The program is an American Cancer Society based program that has helped thousands of former smokers learn to live smoke-free.

    Topics covered in the program include:

    • Managing Stress
    • Nicotine Withdrawal
    • Weight Control
    • Long-term strategies for maintaining cessation

    Register for a Freedom From Smoking Class

    Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

    Health For Me is a six-week program that addresses chronic disease self-management. Participants meet for 2 1/2 hours, on a weekly basis, and learn positive ways to cope with their illness (or a loved one’s illness) through various skill building activities.

    Target areas include:

    • Exercise
    • Problem Solving
    • Nutrition
    • Symptom Management
    • Stress Management
    • Effective Communication Skills

    Register for Health For Me

    Falls Prevention  

    A Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. The four-week class meets twice a week, and the eight-week class meets once a week. Each class is for two hours.  

    • Free program for Tarrant County residents age 60 and over
    • Interactive sessions help reduce the fear of falling
    • Learn exercise to increase strength, flexibility, and balance

    Visit one of our community partners to  Register for A Matter of Balance Class









    This page was last modified on October 10, 2022


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