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    The Domestic Relations Office (DRO)  is encouraged by your interest and willingness to overcome co-parenting challenges. We look forward to assisting your family improve the relationship.

    Steps Toward Resolution

    1.       Submit an Intake Form

    •  The intake form helps the DRO process important information quickly.  It is very important to fill out the entire form completely.
    •  If you do not know the other parent’s address, use the last known address.

    2 .      Attend Orientation

    •  During orientation you will have a chance to share, ask questions, and receive answers.
    •  Orientations are generally held at 3 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month except, the November and December sessions are combined.

    3.       Attend Parenting Coordination with Family Court Services (FCS)

    • Parenting Coordination is a free service available to you even if you chose not to submit an application and participate fully in the Enforcement Program.
    • Both parents are expected to make every effort to co-parent with one another in good faith.
    • Once you complete orientation and follow-up with FCS, the Parenting Coordinator mails a letter to the other parent referring them to Family Court Services.  If the other parent refuses to participate, Legal Support Services will send a letter notifying that parent a complaint has been registered against them and legal action is being considered.
    • DRO requires both parents to participate in Parenting Coordination, a mediation conference, prior to filing a visitation enforcement action.

    4.       Submit Your Application and the $50 Application Fee

    • Your order MUST be filed with Tarrant County.
    • You MUST have a good Tarrant County address on the other parent.
    • You must FOLLOW THE COURT ORDER as it is written.
    • You MUST have tried in person on at least three separate occasions to visit the child as outlined in your order (all attempts must be documented).
    • Once received, your application will be reviewed by Legal Support Services.

    5.       A Legal Support Services Attorney Reviews Your Case with You

    • The child must reside in Tarrant County with the other parent.  If the other parent and the child reside outside of Tarrant County, the DRO is unable file an enforcement action.
    • The DRO can only use the address you provide for the other parent or the last address provided to the Court.
    •  The DRO is only able to enforce FINAL ORDERS registered in Tarrant County.  All actions taken by the DRO will be limited to the enforcement of visitation in the most recent final orders.  If any motions regarding your children are filed and pending, the DRO will not begin any enforcement action until 30 days after the court enters final orders on the pending litigation.

    6.       Legal Support Services Files a Suit to Enforce a Court Order for Possession of and Access to a Child

    • The DRO initiates enforcement actions to optimize the development of a close and continuing relationship between each parent and child.   The DRO does not initiate legal actions for the purpose of punishing the other parent.
    • As a county office, Legal Support Services represents the interest of the County and the State. Either parent may hire his or her own attorney at any time.  
    • You and the other parent each have the right to hire your own attorney.  This office is unable represent you, the other parent or the child.
    • You must be available to appear in court to testify each time a hearing is scheduled.
    • If the case is being transferred out of Tarrant County, the DRO must nonsuit the case.
    • Be patient.  Due to the nature of the legal system, delays can and do occur often.

    You may contact the Domestic Relations Office - Legal Support Services for additional information below:

    In person at the Family Law Center, 200 E. Weatherford St., 2nd Floor, Fort Worth, Texas 76196

    By Phone: 817-884-1879

    By Email:

    When you call the DRO, if the legal support officer or the attorney are unavailable, leave a detailed message with the receptionist regarding the nature of your call.   The DRO is prohibited from discussing cases with anyone other than you and the other parent.


    County Telephone Operator 817-884-1111

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