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    Date Groom Bride
    FEB 22 Morton, James Wallace, Eliza (Miss)
    FEB 25 Wolcott, A. J. Mc Cartney, Intha (Miss)
    FEB 30 Wyrick (?), James Pair, Stella (Miss)
    MAR 01 Cadenhead, J. B. Hayden, H. J. (Miss)
    MAR 08 Burris, S. J. Bumpass, Elizabeth (Miss)
    MAR 22 Edwards, B. A. Edwards, A. J (Miss)
    APR 05 Asbury, Jr., Jeremiah Henderson, A. E. (Miss)
    APR 09 R. W., Lidster Miller, Mary Ann (Mrs.)
    APR 11 Yancey, J. T. or J. F. Allen, Mary (Miss)
    APR 12 Cross, W. M. Stovall, M. E (Miss)
    APR 20 Bunnell, Thomas L. Smith, Lucy H. (Miss)
    APR 25 Jackson, George Burts, Eva Bel (Miss)
    APR 30 Witt, A. J. Jones, Theodocio
    MAY 01 Stevenson, Andrew Anderson, Nettie (Miss)
    MAY 02 Martin, W. B. Perkins, A. E. (Miss)
    MAY 03 Austin, John B. Cannon, Elizabeth A. (Miss)
    MAY 04 Braddy, Richard Maxfield, Georgeatta (Miss)
    MAY 04 Cantrell, P. Gregg, Mary M.
    MAY 04 Hawkins, C. H. Meek, Jane (Miss)
    MAY 07 Haddock, M. L. Marshall, Emily Jane (Miss)
    MAY 07 Rogers, G. W. Young, M. S. (Mrs.)
    MAY 10 Marklee, Jeremiah Hargrove, Cynthia P. (Miss)
    MAY 11 Poynor, J. L. Sansom, Emma (Miss)
    MAY 11 Tummins (Esq.), S. H. Wilson, F. M. (Miss)
    MAY 25 Prince, Stephen Johnson , Laura M. (Miss)
    MAY 29 Sutton, John W. Jefferson , Isabelle
    MAY 31 Jones, A. M. Baker, Permelia M. (Miss)
    JUN 01 Elliott, W. T. Massie, Mary G. (Miss)
    JUN 04 Wallace, A. J. Stephens, Virginia F.
    JUN 04 Brooking, John D. Gunn, Sue A.
    JUN 04 Fraser, J. R. Marshall, Agnes
    JUN 08 Rips, Fred Wasson, Elizabeth (Miss)
    JUN 11 Owings, George Brown, Nancy
    JUN 18 Haskins, W. T. Ripatoe, A. J. (Miss)
    JUN 18 Willoughby, E. E. Brownfield, Floretta
    JUN 21 Glover, Frank S. Gee, Nannie J. (Miss)
    JUN 25 Clark, George Flowers, Ann
    JUN 25 Brown, Anthony Boaz, Mahala
    JUN 27 Walker, John G. Sigler, Ella (Miss)
    JUN 27 Turner, W. H. Sigler , Emma S. (Miss)
    JUN 28 Short, J. E. Goodwin, Lula (Miss)
    JUL 02 Marksbury, Allen Swofford, Emma (Miss)
    JUL 02 Hunt, John J. Holt, Sarah B.
    JUL 04 Prather, J. T. Mc Ginnis, Ellen (Miss)
    JUL 07 Smith, Henry Sigler, Mary A. (Mrs.)
    JUL 10 Hunter, J. A. Davenport, Sallie (Miss)
    JUL 16 Parker, R. B. Redman, I. J. (Miss)
    JUL 16 Davis, Joseph Oliver, Mary (Miss)
    JUL 18 Stephens, J. J. Hill, L. B. (Miss)
    JUL 19 Webb, D. C. Barcroft , Abbie (Miss)
    JUL 20 Darrell, D. F. Williams , R. D. (Miss)
    JUL 22 Wilson, Charles Hicks, Laura
    JUL 23 Jones, Claudis Patton, Rhoda
    JUL 26 McDonald, C. B. Bird, Isabella (Mrs.)
    JUL 27 Daugherty, G. W. Woolridge, Paralee J. (Miss)
    AUG 02 Lowe, I. T. Field, Mollie (Miss)
    AUG 02 Covington, W. O. Sumpter, Henrietta (Miss)
    AUG 02 Nance, Charles W. Nance, Agnes (Miss)
    AUG 06 Tolbert, J. J. Booth, M. E. (Miss)
    AUG 10 Smith, Frank Garrison, M. T. (Miss)
    AUG 13 Mc Ginnis, W. C. Harris, Mary (Miss)
    AUG 13 Perryman, A. A. Williams , Angeline (Miss)
    AUG 16 Barr, William Trimble, Lucinda C. (Mrs.)
    AUG 17 Suddath, James Farmer, Hannah (Miss)
    AUG 17 Simpson, Hugh Walters, Mary (Mrs.)
    AUG 20 Rachels, S. R. Carter , Clarisa
    AUG 20 Davis, A. G. Lewis, H. A. (Miss)
    AUG 20 Harris, D. H. Witten , Elenor V. (Miss)
    AUG 20 Carter, B. C. Rector, Louisa E. (Miss)
    AUG 20 Thompson, George Coker, Dilcy
    AUG 24 Turner, G. H. Crews, Sarah (Miss)
    AUG 27 Jones, W. S. Burleson, Martha (Mrs.)
    AUG 28 Ferris, Robert Stanford, Texana (Miss)
    AUG 29 Maxwell, J. C. Fry, Julia A. (Mrs.)
    AUG 31 Brown, E. F. Eaves, N. H. (Miss)
    AUG 31 Hammons, Cyrenas Brown, L. A. (Miss)
    SEP 02 Clack, J. B. Hampton, M. E.
    SEP 02 Sturdivant, C. H. Martin, Mary J. (Mrs.)
    SEP 07 Elliott, Albert Sentors, Jane
    SEP 07 Caldwell, J. W. Lindsey, Sallie (Miss)
    SEP 07 Donifer, John Brockman, Margaret
    SEP 10 Sims, Henry Bush, Bettie
    SEP 12 Tucker, S. P. English, Lizzie (Miss)
    SEP 14 Watts, John F. Blankenship, Mattie (Miss)
    SEP 17 Duncan, B. F. Cathey, S. B. (Miss)
    SEP 19 Hill, Charley Sautmyres, Lucy
    SEP 22 Boone, William Freeman, Amanda (Miss)
    SEP 22 Jones, J. M. Lay, E. L. (Mrs.)
    SEP 24 Mills, M. J. Brown, M. L. (Miss)
    SEP 24 Colbert, J. L. Schorr, Mary A. (Miss)
    OCT 01 Newton, J. M. Lay, E. L. (Mrs.)
    OCT 01 Miller, Joseph E. Cates, Nancy (Miss)
    OCT 05 Wilson, Thomas G. Doughty, Allie P. (Miss)
    OCT 08 Hall, D. C. Austin, N. E. (Miss)
    OCT 08 McAndles, J. D. Gainer, Sarah L. (Miss)
    OCT 08 Bamburg, W. F. Thompson, Mollie (Miss)
    OCT 08 Heileman, J. M. Jackson, Mattie (Mrs.)
    OCT 10 Robinson, William Cook, Fannie E. (Miss)
    OCT 11 Robinson, Mc Terry, Lee
    OCT 13 Strickland, Stephen Baker , Emma (Mrs.)
    OCT 19 Bratton, Andrew Lowe, Sarah F. (Miss)
    OCT 19 Lancaster, W. R. Goodson, Mary J. (Mrs.)
    OCT 20 Hornbuckle, Martin Tummins, Fennie M. (Miss)
    OCT 20 Collins, J. W. Brownson, I. B. (Miss)
    OCT 22 Curtis, E. J. Greene, L. C. (Miss)
    OCT 22 Henry, M. F. Manring, N. M. (Miss)
    OCT 24 Thompson, Perry F. Caruthers, A. J. (Miss)
    OCT 24 Zinn, R. D. Leonard, Mattie (Miss)
    OCT 26 Newton, Columbus Dunlap, Georgia Ann
    OCT 26 Frost, Charles L. Senette, Louise (Mrs.)
    OCT 29 Harwell, T. L. Hammond , Katherine (Miss)
    OCT 30 Morris, W. S. Calhoun, Emma (Miss)
    NOV 02 Carnahan, Silas Pickett, Cynthia
    NOV 03 Blevins, J. G. Fowler, Mollie (Miss)
    NOV 04 McDermaut, M. Raines, Nancy (Mrs.)
    NOV 05 Johnson, W. K. Kinneman, Mollie S. (Miss)
    NOV 06 Coleman, M. L. Robinson, Nellie (Miss)
    NOV 08 Rollans, H. C. Cook, Maggie (Miss)
    NOV 09 Williams, A. J. McKinzey, Mary (Miss)
    NOV 09 Williamson, J. M. Bailey, A. D. (Miss)
    NOV 12 Newton, J. W. Phillipps, Adnie (Miss)
    NOV 12 Flynn, J. C. Hight, Louisa (Miss)
    NOV 20 Hollis, M. J. Nash, S. M. (Miss)
    NOV 21 Green, William T. Butts, M. E. (Miss)
    NOV 22 Dewalt, John B. Cox, Susan (Miss)
    NOV 23 Comer, W. T. Green, Arcade
    NOV 23 Campbell, A. R. Jones, E. J. I.
    NOV 23 Morgan, J. E. Cross, Fannie (Miss)
    NOV 23 Farrar, J. C. Adams, Carrie (Miss)
    NOV 26 Green, W. S. Hastings, Mollie (Miss)
    NOV 26 Dunn, John S. Gant, Josephine (Miss)
    NOV 27 Gholson, O. D. Allen, Sarah S. (Miss)
    NOV 28 Strahan, S. N. Ramsey, Lizzie (Miss)
    NOV 30 Wallace, R. M. Jackson, Josie (Miss)
    DEC 03 Jones, L. C. Newton, A. C. (Miss)
    DEC 03 Stafford, W. C. Melton , Lizzie (Miss)
    DEC 03 Tiner, Charles G. Harris, F. E. (Miss)
    DEC 03 Blessing, J. R. Lowe, Jane (Miss)
    DEC 04 Sullivan, William Pierce, Catharine (Miss)
    DEC 04 Hall, Frank W. Utterback, Sallie (Miss)
    DEC 05 Rucker, Virgus Abbey, Amanda
    DEC 07 Cotter, J. D. Presley, Paralee (Miss)
    DEC 07 Nance, G. Hutchinson, M. M.
    DEC 08 Foster, J. P. Swanson, Lizzie
    DEC 09 Curbo, H. M. Goodwin, Martha (Miss)
    DEC 12 Webb, J. H. Williams , Rachel L. (Miss)
    DEC 12 Tomlin, J. T. Light, Martha E. (Miss)
    DEC 14 Allen, John M. Bloodsworth, Sarah Ann (Mrs.)
    DEC 14 Cooper, Cornelius McDonald, Cynthia (Mrs.)
    DEC 16 Autry, N. B. Darby, E. T. (Miss)
    DEC 17 Jopling, L. L. DeShaze, M. M. (Mrs.)
    DEC 19 Furman, Samuel Sandidge, N. E. (Miss)
    DEC 20 Dishman, R. E. Clark, Amanda E. (Miss)
    DEC 21 Holland, H. T. Jones, Elizabeth (Miss)
    DEC 23 Good, W. L. Collins, Martha J. (Miss)
    DEC 23 Hefron, John Cunningham, Ann (Mrs.)
    DEC 24 Nelson, T. A. Gorenson, Charlotte
    DEC 24 Berry, John T. Rope, Matilda A. (Miss)
    DEC 25 Askew, J. B. Utley, Isabelle L.
    DEC 26 Adir, Alex Waldon, Bettie
    DEC 26 Hudson, Abraham Hany, Flora
    DEC 26 Porter, T. J. Pendleton, C. R. (Miss)
    DEC 27 Ferguson, J. A. Little, M. R. (Miss)
    DEC 27 Donnell, Robert W. Witten , Isabella M. (Miss)
    DEC 27 Bridges, Marion Greene, Eveline (Miss)
    DEC 27 Neatherby, T. J. Gross, Cynthia M. (Miss)
    DEC 28 Clark, Thomas Ray, Nancy (Miss)
    DEC 28 Watson, J. A. Wright, Jennie (Mrs.)
    DEC 28 Race, William Hibert, Mary/ Mollie (Miss)
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