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    Resources Contact Information

    Casualty Offices:

    Organization       Telephone Number      
    United States Air Force 800-531-5501
    United States Army 800-892-2490
    United States Marine Corps 800-847-1597
    United States Navy 800-443-9298
    Department of State 202-647-6769

    Disability Rated Veteran:

    Organization Telephone Number
    Army 866-281-3254
    Navy & Marine Corps 877-366-2772
    Air Force 800-525-0102
    Coast Guard 202-493-1735

    Color and Honor Guard

    Color Guard Telephone Number
    Air Force and Joint Service Color Guard 817-782-3849
    Navy Color Guard  
    U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard (MAG-41) 817-782-2774

    Department Of Defense - Color and Honor Guard

    Organization Contact Phone Number Email
    Army Military Military Funeral Honors 800-325-4986
    Marine Corps Military Funeral Honors 866-826-3628  
    Navy Mr. Brian Behlke
    Air Force  Military Funeral Honors 800-531-5803 AFMAO/
    Coast Guard Lt. Terry Walsh HG  Quarterdeck 703-872-6647