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    Move Building Permits

    Move Building Permits are required when moving large, heavy equipment, homes, or other structures, on Tarrant County roadways. A $1,000 bond is required prior to the approval of a Move Building Permit. A map indicating the route through Tarrant County must be provided with the permit request.

    The applicant is responsible for all work related to the execution of the move including, but not limited to, removal and reinstallation of signs, modifications to high wires, protection of mailboxes and traffic control. Repair of any damage to Tarrant County property during the move will be the responsibility of the applicant.

    Please note there are some routes will not accommodate overweight or oversize loads. Tarrant County will make the final determination of whether a proposed route is acceptable. Please contact Joe Trammel at 817-884-1153 or through email at if you have any questions or need assistance in determining if a moving permit is necessary.

    Move Building Permit