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    Driveway/Access Permits

    All new driveways within the unincorporated portion of Tarrant County require a driveway/access permit. The following procedure is typical for obtaining an approved driveway/access permit.

    1. The property owner shall stake the location of the driveway with clearly visible wooden stakes to indicate the beginning and ending locations of the driveway/access onto the property.
    2. Contact Jessica Karley at 817-884-1250 to schedule a site visit from the driveway inspector and to receive a driveway/access permit to sign.
    3. The driveway inspector will visit the site to determine the size of pipe, if one is needed, and will evaluate whether the proposed location is acceptable. Issues such as visibility, distance from other driveways and distance from other roadways are considered prior to approving the permit.
    4. Once the driveway inspector has completed the site evaluation, staff will contact the property owner with specific requirements regarding pipe size, slope, location and cost.  Types of payment accepted for the pipes are cash, check, money orders and credit cards.  To pay by credit card (three percent convenience fee), please contact Jessica Karley at 817-884-1250.    
    5. Tarrant County personnel will visit the site after the pipe and/or driveway has been installed to ensure the installation was completed to County standards.

    Driveway Permit (Contact Transportation Services for Issued Permit Number)