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    Question: I sold my vehicle...

    I sold my vehicle several months ago, but the registration and title have not been changed to reflect the new owner's name and address.  I am receiving notices about parking tickets involving that vehicle -- and the registration renewal notice has also come to me.  What can I do?


    It is likely that the new owner has not transferred the title to their name.  Contact our office or the VTR Regional Office and complete the Motor Vehicle Vehicle Transfer Notification Form VTR 346.  The VTR 346 form can be printed and mailed, or it can be filed electronically.

    You may also write a letter to:

            Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

            Vehicle Titles and Registration Division

            Attention:  Customer Information Services Branch

            Austin, TX  78779-0001

    The letter must provide:

        1.    The vehicle description (year, make, VIN),

        2.    Date of sale, and

        3.    Purchaser's name and address.

    Upon receipt of the form or letter, TxDMV will place a notation on the motor vehicle record indicating that the vehicle has been sold.  There is no fee for this service, but you must submit the form within 30 days of the date of sale to remove liability.