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    Question 3: I previously lived in Texas.

    I previously lived in Texas but am currently out of state. How do I register my vehicle in Texas?

    Contact the tax assessor-collector's office in the county where you last resided. If you are exempt from the required safety inspection because you are active military or a full-time student, the tax office will send you a packet containing the information and forms you will need to renew the registration on your vehicle. If you are not a full-time student or active military, you must register the vehicle in the state where you now reside.

    TxDMV Military Packet

    TxDMV New Resident Brochure

    If you are currently a Texas resident and are temporarily located out of state, you may continue to renew online or by mail as long as you have not established residency elsewhere.

    Renew Online :  You may renew registration, request specialty and military license plates, change your address, or sign up for e-Reminders for your registration by accessing the TxDMV website.  When renewing online, you will receive your registration sticker by mail approximately 10 days afterwards.

    Renew By Mail:  Registration may be purchased by mail.  Mail your renewal notice and proof of liability insurance to the address shown on your renewal notice.  If you have moved to a different county, the renewal notice should be mailed to your new county tax office address.  Access a listing of county tax offices.  Select "TAC Listing" from the Documents list to open a .pdf file with all tax offices throughout the state.

    More information can be found on the TxDMV website.