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    Tarrant County - scrapbooks

    Accessibility Notice: Due to the age and complexity of the original material, these linked scrapbook PDFs are made up of scanned images. If you need assistance accessing the content in one of the documents, please contact Archivist Dawn Youngblood  at 817-884-3272.

    Tarrant County 1971 cover page

    Tarrant County undated, 1971-1978
    undated, 1971, 1974, 1978
    Mostly newspaper clippings concerning Tarrant County from 1971, as well as a few other business records. 20 by 25 inches. 68 pages.

    Tarrant County 1972-1975 cover page

    Tarrant County undated, 1972-1975, 1979.
    undated, 1972-1975, 1979
    Mostly newspaper clippings concerning the Tarrant County government, particularly from 1972. Also contains a few documents from 1979 about the Tarrant County Office Administration Building. 20 by 25 inches. 55 pages.

    Tarrant County Employees 1978-1987 Cover Page

    Tarrant County Employees
    Newspaper clippings, photographs, and one invitation related to Tarrant County and its employees. 12  by 12 inches. 94 pages.

    Follow link to Tarrant County Named Collection page.