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    Edwin Johnston Youngblood Collection

    FWBC 2009 Cover

    Summary: Fort Worth Attorney, photographer, and avid sailor, Edwin Johnston Youngblood donated materials from the Fort Worth Boat Club, photographs of scenes in and around Tarrant County, photographs of items in the Archives, as well as papers related to the legal profession in Tarrant County.


    Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC)

    • Log Books for 1994, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 (Image shown, front and back cover; persons pictured are Rose Rector, Glenn Lattimore, and Omah Penn, Adams Cup Team 1956 and Wendy Van Roach, Jessamine Lewis, Laura Grunewald, and Peggy Dietz, 2008 U.S. Women's Champions from FWBC)


    • "Top Eleven Things to Keep in Mind for Ethical Representation / Prosecution of Juveniles up to Adjudication," Presentation given October 2013 by Edwin Johnston Youngblood to Tarrant County Criminal Defense Bar


    • Photograph of Portrait of B. B. Paddock
    • Photograph of Portrait of Genevieve Eagon Tillar
    • Photograph of Portrait of Benjamin Johnston Tillar