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    Ellen Timberlake Volz Collection

    Tom Vandergriff


    • Tom Vandergriff Memorial DVD produced by his grandson, Parker Vandergriff, 2011.

    Sisters of Mary Namur in Texas - Books

    • The Arms of God: The Sisters of Mary Namur, Western Province by Sherrie Reynolds, WIPF Stock, Eugene, Oregon 2011, autographed
    • A Little Good: Sisters of Mary in Texas by Sister St. John Begnaud, SSMN, WIPF Stock, Eugene, Oregon 2011, autographed


    Summary: Donor is a longtime resident of Arlington and member of the Tarrant County Historical Commission.

    Tom Vandergriff held elected political office in Tarrant County for 44 years beginning with being elected Mayor of Arlington in 1951. In the 1950 census, the population of the town was 7,700. The population, by 2010, was 380,000, making Arlington the 49th largest city in the United States and the seventh largest in Texas. During Vandergriff's tenure the city obtained a General Motors assembly plant and brought a Major League Baseball team to town. Because of Vandergriff's efforts, Arlington became home to the original Six Flags Over Texas, as well as the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Mayor Vandergriff also spearheaded building the first local hospital and building nearby Lake Arlington to secure the necessary domestic and industrial water supply for Arlington. In 1990, Vandergriff was elected Tarrant County Judge. He died December 30, 2010. Shortly thereafter, his grandson, Parker, produced the donated memorial.