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    Terry Timberlake Collection

            Timberlake Construction

    Summary: Donor gave notebook that belonged to her husband, Ben O. Timberlake, Jr. Donor's daughter is Ellen Timberlake Volz. Ben O. Timberlake, Jr. served as construction engineer for the federal parking facility documented in downtown Fort Worth and a warehouse facility. The images not only show progress of the construction but in many cases period skylines, such as the above. Construction site was located between the northeast corner of Texas and Taylor Streets and the southwest corner of Lamar and Thirteenth Streets.

    • 43 images, black and white and color, of construction of Federal Parking facility with typed documentation for each, 1972 to 1973
    • 22 images, color, of buildings 9, 10, 11 and 12 of an unidentified Fort Worth Warehouse built by Walker Construction, 1973