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    Texas Department of Transportation Collection

    Summary: Donated material related to Tarrant County bridges.
    • Tarrant County Priority, Bridges Built Prior to 1955, white loose-leaf notebook with 18 sections describing 18 bridges that were under consideration for repair/ modification/ removal. Book was given to Tarrant County Historical Commission Chair Ron Wright, May 5, 2000, for his study to make public response concerning the listings on June 5, 2000, Fort Worth City Hall.
    • "Connecting History - The Bridges of Fort Worth," produced by the Texas Department of Transportation, 2001, 28 minutes in length, film highlights importance of Paddock Viaduct, Lancaster Avenue Bridge, East Belknap Street Bridge, Henderson Street Bridge, South University Bridge crossing Clear Fork, and Marine Creek Bridge. Several railroad bridges shown, narrated by Barry Corbin.
    • Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volumes 1 and 2, October 29, 2004
    • Letter from Steven E. Simmons, P.E. District Engineer, Fort Worth District, Texas Department of Transportation, to Byron Zirkle, Chair of Tarrant County Historical Commission presenting video, September 17,2001