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    Tarrant County Archaeological Society Collection

    Summary: The Tarrant County Archaeological Society was established in 1955 by Robert E. Forrester and members of the Dallas Archaeological Society. Their first newsletter was printed in 1959 and continues to be printed to the present day. The Tarrant County Archaeological Society is an active organization that works to preserve the history of Tarrant County.

    • A near complete set of newsletters, reports and fliers covering the years 1959-2015 and donated by longtime member and officer James Everett.
    • TCAS Benchmark Newsletters (paper): November 2002; March 2005; July 2005; December 2005; May 2006; June 2006; September 2006; October 2006; December 2006; August 2007; June 2008; February 2009; August 2009; November 2009; January 2010; February 2010; May 2010; February 2012
    • TCAS Benchmark Newsletters (digital): January-December 2017
    • A chart showing which newsletter issues are available and in what format.