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    Gregory C. Schadt Collection

    Trinity River Basin partial map

    Pictured: portion of map showing Trinity River Basin from Trinity River Authority of Texas brochure, undated (ca. 2005-2008)

    Summary: Gregory C. Schadt is a landscape architect and longtime resident of Arlington, Texas. He is a former volunteer for the Tarrant County Archives and a longtime member of the Texas Map Society. His collection consists of aircraft photography, maps and plans for the city of Arlington, Texas, and various Texas-related publications.


    • Trinity River Authority of Texas, Maps of Joe Pool Lake Parks, 8.5 by 11 inches, black and white, four pages, includes “Summary of Rules and Regulations” and “Summary of Fees”
    • US Army Corp of Engineers, Map of Joe Pool Lake, 8.5 by 11 inches, color
    • Arlington Park Maintenance and City Council District Map, 2000
    • Land Use Plan, City of Arlington, 1980
    • James E. Kemp Estate, Farmlands, Johnson and Ellis Counties, 13,089 acres, undated
    • City Map of Mansfield, Also Burleson and Crowley, 1972
    • Arlington Watershed Plans, Rush Creek Corridor, Park, Open Space and Recreation Opportunities, undated
    • Arlington Independent School District, School Attendance Zones 2000-2001
    • Index to Topographical Maps of Texas (two copies), 1977, 1979
    • North Central Texas Council of Governments Aerial Maps, Map Information: Key Map, 1984


    • Portfolio of Corsairs Compliments of Chance Vought Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation, Stratford, CT, eight prints of Corsairs in action, 1940s
    • Portfolio of 12 Models Bell Helicopter, 8.5 by 11 inches, color prints


    • Texas Longhorn Journal, June/July 1917
    • Military French Dictionary, 1917
    • Directory of Membership, Fielder Road Baptist Church, 2011 South Fielder Road, Arlington, Texas, 8.5 by 11 inches, color and black and white photos, 1976