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    Larry Reynolds Collection

    Summary: Larry Reynolds pinned an autographed image of Van Cliburn to his wall for daily inspiration when he studied piano in his youth. He attended the first Van Cliburn Piano Competition along with his mother, Jean Nichols Reynolds, on October 6, 1962. Donor graduated from Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Class of 1970, and studied Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Donor also attended the 50th Anniversary Gold Medalists Concert at the Bass Performance Hall on September 6, 2012, featuring four Van Cliburn Competition Gold Medalists: Ralph Votapek (1962), Andre-Michel Schub (1981), Alexander Kobrin (2005) and Haochen Zhang (2009). On this occasion, donor obtained Ralph Votapek's autograph after the concert, saying he had been in the audience at age 10 when Ralph won the first Gold Medal. Donor stated that "the highlight of the evening was a surprise address by Van Cliburn himself, his last public appearance before his death in 2013 from bone marrow cancer. After praising the audience, orchestra, and artists, he ended with the words, "Never forget I love you all from the bottom of my heart forever."

    • Autographed image of Pianist Van Cliburn dated October 6, 1962 (image shown) Printed on the reverse: "THE VAN CLIBURN International QUADRENNIAL PIANO COMPETITION AT FORT WORTH, TEXAS SEPTEMBER 24 THROUGH OCTOBER 7, 1962"
    • Autographed Cliburn Concerts 2012-2013 program, which includes the last public appearance of Pianist Van Cliburn
    • Photographic greeting card from Nichols Poultry "Seasons Greetings" (image shown)

    Nichols Poultry Greeting Card

    Background for Greeting Card: Upon gifting to the Archives, the donor stated: "Many longtime residents of Fort Worth remember their annual trip to the North Side to buy a Christmas turkey from my grandfather, J. W. Nichols. The lucky ones got a free ride in his 1901 Oldsmobile. Pictured are J. W. Nichols, who ran the business from 1921 until his retirement in 1961, and his son-in-law Glenn H. Reynolds (my father), who ran the business until his retirement in 1976. J. W. Nichols continued to drive his 'Merry Olds' for many years. He died in 1990 at the age of 99." The address for J. Willard Nichols Poultry was at varying locations on North Main Street in the early years. The first plant, which opened in 1921, was located at 844 North Main (based on an earlier photograph); the 1923 Fort Worth City Directory indicates it was located at 776 North Main. The plant was located at 719 North Main by 1924, and the new plant, shown in the Seasons Greeting card, was opened around 1960 at 899 North Houston. The donor's father sold the business and retired in 1976. The new owners, Lane Processing, based in Arkansas, went out of business a few years later and the building was sold to the tortilla factory next door, according to the donor's recollections.