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    Megan Davis McConnell Collection

    A group of mothers and children registering at a well-child conference

    Public health nurse weighing infant while sister awaits her turn.

    Summary: Donated a scrapbook acquired at a garage sale. Creator of scrapbook is unknown, provenance unknown. 


    • "Health Year Book, Fort Worth - Tarrant County 1940-1941," Health Report, 27th Annual National Negro Health Week 1940-1941, 12 by 14 1/2 inches, wooden covers, manila paper inserts. Book has organizational chart showing who led Health Week programs, who served on committees, number of programs given and location of programs. Many small black and white photographs of leaders, participants and sites where public health was being addressed. Besides Fort Worth, there are mentions and photographs of programs in Arlington, Grapevine, Mansfield and Everman. There were five main topics for the Health Week: Tuberculosis, Venereal Diseases, Maternal and infant care, influenza, colds and pneumonia, as well as oral hygiene.

    Follow this link to the Megan Davis McConnell scrapbook page.