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    Donna and David Matney Collection, [1870]-1966

    S. L. Reese and wife, ca. 1900

    Pictured: S.L. Reese and wife, [ca. 1890-1900]

    Summary: Donated by Donna Matney.  

    This collection contains photographs, scrapbooks and cabinet cards from Fort Worth and other Texas communities. Some items relate to military service and include World War II ration books. Some materials relate to businesses in Fort Worth, such as Swift and Company, Meacham's Department Store, Bachrach/Gittings Studio Photography and Scott Awning Company. Items within this collection date from approximately the 1870s to 1987.

    Bracketed dates are approximated.

    Scope and Contents

    This collection contains three series: Photographs; Personal and Military Records and Ephemera; and Scrapbooks, Oversized Cabinet Cards and Portraits. The Photographs series contains studio portraits and snapshots, many of which are unidentified.  Images listed within the Texas Cities Photographs are organized alphabetically based on written notes or printer stamp on the reverse of the photographs. Some images may be of places other than that of the printer stamp on the back. The Personal and Military Records and Ephemera series contains military correspondence, war ration books and a U.S. Air Force roster. This series also contains ephemera from Fort Worth and Texas. The Scrapbooks, Oversized Cabinet Cards and Portraits series contains three scrapbooks, seven large cabinet cards, one portrait and an artistic rendering of a couple.

    Subject Terms


    Places (all cities/counties in Texas unless otherwise noted)

    Corpus Christi
    Del Rio
    Ellis County
    El Paso
    Fayetteville, Arkansas
    Fort Worth
    Greenbay School, Highland Park, Illinois
    Itasca [Itaska]
    Mineral Wells
    Petula [Petulia]
    San Antonio
    Swisher County
    Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, Colorado Springs, Colorado



    Craine, Kenneth
    Garriott, Bob
    Garriott, Jessie
    Hook family
    Horsman family (Lelia Horsman, possibly of Oklahoma)
    Kinsley, Blanche [Lane]
    Linn, Gertie
    Linn, Joe
    Linn Sr., Chester
    McKee family
    Robinson family
    Rowland, Frank J. and Lorene



    Bachrach / Gittings Studio
    Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) at Camp Maydelle, Texas
    E. M. Daggett School
    Female Athletes in Ennis, Texas
    Frank J. Rowland Watch and Clock Maker
    Meacham’s Department Store Ephemera
    Monnig’s Department Store Ephemera
    Order of Railway Conductors of Texas
    Sam Rosen Elementary
    Scott Awning Company Ephemera
    Swift and Company Pension
    World War II

    Items in the Collection



    • Actors, undated [ca. 1905-1920]
    • Miscellaneous Unidentified, undated, 1935, 1948
    • Miscellaneous Unidentified Cabinet Cards, undated, [ca. 1870s-1910s, 1940s]
    • Outside of Texas, undated, 1935
    • Scene at Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp, Maydelle, Texas, [ca. 1933-1937]
    • Texas Cities—B, undated, 1921
    • Texas Cities—C, undated, 1935
    • Texas Cities—D, undated, 1919, 1938
    • Texas Cities—E-F, undated, [ca. 1890s-1930s]
    • Texas Cities—Fort Worth, undated, [ca. 1870s-1910s], 1912, [ca. 1920s-1940s], 1948, 1960
    • Texas Cities—Fort Worth—Bachrach/Gittings Studio, [ca. 1920-1960s]
    • Texas Cites—Fort Worth—E. M. Daggett School, 1944
    • Texas Cities—G, undated, [ca. 1890-1910]
    • Texas Cities—H-I, undated, [ca.1900-1930], 1931
    • Texas Cities—K-P, undated, [ca. 1904-1918], 1906, 1912, 1914, 1928, [ca.1950s]
    • Texas Cities—S-T, undated, [ca.1890s-1910s], 1926, 1935, 1942, 1947, [ca. 1940s-1950s]
    • Texas Cities—W, undated, 1925
    • Texas Cities—Waco—Robinson and McKee families, [ca. 1880-1910]
    • Unknown Location—With Names/Some Identification, undated, [ca. 1880-1910], [ca.1904-1918], 1917, [1918-1930], 1921, 1922, [1927-1940], 1934, 1936
    • Unknown—School Teacher, 1930, [ca.1930s]
    • Unknown—Women and Swing, undated, 1913
    • World War II / Military-related, undated, 1944

    Personal and Military Records and Ephemera:

    • Baby Book—Deborah Germaine Moore (possibly Fort Worth), 1949
    • Books—The History of the A&M College Trouble, 1908; Lengthening Shadows, [ca. 1948]
    • Euless—Euless High School Diploma and Memory Book—John Barton Hurt, 1947
    • Exercise and Dictation Book “Jolly Times” belonged to Margaret Jordan, 1918
    • Fort Worth—Grady Brown Daybook—Produce Department—Receiving, 1919-1920
    • Fort Worth—Military Cap—Veterans of World War I, undated
    • Fort Worth—Miscellaneous Ephemera and Receipts, undated, 1927, 1940, 1944, 1946, 1948, 1954-1955, 1960-1961, 1967
    • Fort Worth—Premium Receipt Books and Insurance Policies—Hazel Austin, 1919, 1926, 1927, 1931
    • Fort Worth—Tax Records and Deed—Ed Freeman/W. A. Duringer, undated, 1943-1948
    • Fort Worth—Texas Christian University—Ephemera, 1931, 1987
    • Fort Worth—Title Insurance—Jack and Margaret Orren, 1948
    • Fort Worth—World War II Ration books and  Military Correspondence, 1942-1944, 1966
    • Texas (Non-Tarrant County)—Ephemera and Travel Literature, undated, 1912, 1924, 1934, 1938, 1943, 1970, 1978, 1981, 1987
    • Texas (Non-Tarrant County)—Insurance and Land Records, Ephemera, undated, 1904, 1907/1908, 1917, 1926-1929, 1940, 1953
    • Texas (Non-Tarrant County)—Iotex Oil Corporation vs. W. J. Collins, et al—Agreement, 1933
    • Outside Texas—Ninth U.S. Air Force Roster of Officers, 1943

    Scrapbooks, Oversized Cabinet Cards and Portraits:

    • “Girls Athletics Annual” Scrapbook, Ennis, Texas, [not scanned into NAS], [ca. 1910-1930]
    • Small Black Scrapbook [scanned into NAS], undated, 1938 [Includes photos of Frank J. Rowland, Lorene Rowland]
    • Disassembled Scrapbook [scanned into NAS], 1945-1959 [Includes photos of Horsman family]
    • Sketch/Painting of Unknown Couple, undated
    • Portrait of Man, [ca. late-1940s-1950s]
    • [Women], 1512 Lee Avenue, July 20, 1911
    • [Family Portrait –same family as “Women, 1512 Lee Avenue”], undated
    • “Hazel Garner”, Large Cabinet Card Portrait of Woman, undated
    • [Family Portrait] in Miami by McDougal, December 29, 1892
    • Large Cabinet Card Photograph of Group of Men at Stairs, [ca. 1930s-1940s]
    • Large Cabinet Card Family Photograph, nine people [likely same family as Small Black Scrapbook], two copies, undated
    • Large Cabinet Card Family Photograph, 36 people [likely same family as Small Black Scrapbook], undated


    Subject Files:

    • Civic Organizations--Rotary--Rotary Rotagraph
      •    Rotagraph, November 14, 1947
    • Railroads--General
      • Order of Railway Conductors of Texas State Legislative Committee Program, April 17 to 19, 1934