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    Oscar Lochridge Collection

    Summary: Donated a book on the Everman Cemetery as well as personal family history, especially concerning James Joshua Scott (image shown), who served as Tarrant County Commissioner 1888-1892. The donor is a great grandson of Scott.


    • Everman Cemetery, Everman, Tarrant County, Texas, by the Everman Historical Society. Compiled by Mary Rattan, Secretary of the Everman Cemetery Committee and members of the Everman Historical Society, Published by the Everman Historical Society, Everman, Texas, 1995.


    • Children of Martin Philip Scott
    • James Joshua Scott with wife, children and spouses
    • 1909 family reunion


    James Joshua Scott

    Family Manuscripts and Articles
    • Timeline of James Joshua Scott's life
    • Application for membership of SAR for Ben Gantt tracing lineage to Joshua Scott
    • Antioch School, about 1897, class picture with names on back
    • Maps showing location of Scott land in southeast Tarrant County.
    • Military records for James Josh Scott in C.S.A.
    • Timeline for Martin Phillip Scott
    • Notes by Lee T. Gantt on the Scott family
    • Copies about Scott, Gantt, and East family from Lila Bunch Race book
    • Obituary of James Joshua Scott, 1888 and 1890 election returns for Tarrant County officials
    • Essay on James Joshua Scott by Johanna Corrine Scott
    • History of Hudson family by Mittie Hudson Scott and family chart
    • Census information (1870, 1880 and 1900) for J. J. Scott, Joel East and Lewis Lochridge
    • Poems by Mittie Hudson Scott and Family Vignettes by Marie Scott Rust
    Samuel Burk Burnett
    • Last will and testament of Samuel Burk Burnett, November 24, 1921, Fort Worth, Texas. Executors named: Marion Sansom and W. E. Connell. After debts paid and various assigned gifts named to individuals, the remainder of will assigns one-third of estate to daughter-in-law, Ollie Burnett and two-thirds of estate to granddaughter, Annie Burnett. Attorney for S. B. Burnett: Sidney Samuels. Burnett died June 22, 1922