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    Lipscomb Family Collection

    Summary: Donated family documents and photographs of the Lipscomb and Stewart families as well as the Stewart Farm. Stewart was the owner of the first threshing machine in the Grapevine vicinity. He also owned one of the first automobiles and the first rural telephone out of Grapevine. The Stewart Farm is now incorporated into the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.


    • Verdie Lipscomb, age 9
    • Stewart Homestead
    • Thresher on the Stewart Farm in the 1920s
    • Ground Wire Being Laid by E.M. Stewart and Otho Crocker in the 1920s
    • W. R. Stewart Standing on Thresher on Stewart Farm in the 1920s
    • In Center on Stewart Disc Plow; W. R. Stewart in the 1920s
    • New WFAA Transmitting Tower Being Constructed
    • Old WFAA Tower Being Torn Down
    • Dr. D. M. Lipscomb (image shown)
    • Mrs. R. R. Stewart (Grandmother)
    • Leslie Stewart as a girl (image shown on Genealogy page)


    • Lipscomb Family History by Verdie Lipscomb Stewart, includes marriages and family background.
    • Mary Long Lipscomb obituary
    • Article on death of Henry D. Lipscomb
    • Newspaper articles of family members
    • Letter addressed to Mrs. Stewart from K. Ewell Jones.

    Dr. D.M. Lipscomb.