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    Marty Leonard Collection

    Marvin Leonard

    Summary: Donor is daughter of J. Marvin Leonard (1895-1970), who, along with younger brother, Obadiah Paul Leonard, was a longtime partner in the Leonard Brothers Department Store in Downtown Fort Worth.  By the 1930s, the Leonard Brothers dominated retailing in the Fort Worth area. Leonard also invested in real estate, banking and oil. Golf, particularly building golf courses, occupied much of his time. Marvin Leonard was a major financial supporter of the Lena Pope Home and Texas Wesleyan University. He sold his interest in the store to brother O. P. Leonard in 1965.

    • Book: Texas Merchant, Marvin Leonard and Fort Worth by Victoria Buenger and Walter L. Buenger, published 1998, Texas A&M University Press
    • Book: Beyond the Blue, Lena Pope Home ~ 75 Years, published by Lena Pope Home Inc. upon the 75th anniversary of the home, 2005