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    Phillip Greenwall Collection

    Summary: Phillip H. Greenwall is a descendant of those that founded the Greenwall Opera House of Fort Worth, Texas. He kindly donated many photographs of people and the Opera House.

    • Phillip Greenwall, original and one copy
    • Mary "Mamie" Greenwall, original and one copy
    • Charles Fain, "Chas. Fain," relative, original (image shown)
    • Fort Worth Cats Baseball Player
    • Charles Fain and Mary Greenwall with an unknown man and woman
    • Front exterior of Greenwall/Byers Opera House with dog and three unknown men, 1903
    • Phil Greenwall
    • Rear toward Greenwall/Byers Opera House, original and one copy
    • Greenwall Opera House (formerly Fort Worth Opera House)
    • Girl riding bicycle (probably in Ohio)
    • A city scene (not Fort Worth)
    • Baseball diamond
    • Interior of tailor's shop
    • Interior of clothing shop selling boys clothing and men's shoes
    • Portrait of two young women
    • Portrait of one young woman
    • Interior, Greenwall/Byers Opera House, original and copy
    • Buggy of Mary Greenwall, 1905, original Swartz cabinet card and one copy
    • Douglas Tailoring Company, October 1892, original and one copy
    • Sponsor and Maids of Honor, 15, with names listed under their photo,  B.P.O.E. No. 722, Fort Worth, the Elks Parade, 1905
      • Mary "Mamie" Greenwall
      • Florence Goetz
      • Virginia Van Zandt
      • Annabel Pendleton
      • Virginia Stripling
      • Corinne "Daisy" Wilson
      • Anita Hunter
      • Freances Varner "Varna" Beall
      • Martha Jenning
      • Hotense Martin
      • Maud MItchum
      • Mary Dingee
      • [Darla] Lebat
      • Maggie Littlejohn
      • Juany Hollingsworth
    • Greenwall family portrait, original portrait

    Charles Fain